25 thoughts on “The Red Light Video – Or Maybe Yellow Light Video

  1. I thought the officer did fine. He responded to a more serious threat first, and when it was dismissed, he saw you were still around and tended to your traffic violation. Of course you have proof that there was no traffic violation, but you were not even halfway through the light when it changed. It seems like a reasonable mistake for the officer to make if he was tending to other things, like a call about a fight or something.

  2. Of course these fucking thugs are all over a fight call. It’s an excuse for them to get away with throwing some punches, dropping some knees on some heads and maybe even tase some people

  3. Father, please heal us, the police and God's children…
    Nobody cares about property of whom, just what is God's give to God. Amen.

  4. I know for a fact I subbed you a few months ago. Then I find you video and I am unsubbed and I resubbed. This has happened to me on other Auditors, News Now Houston, High Desert Community Watch and Ricky Monday. WTF is going on?

  5. If cops had any self-awareness whatsoever then they'd realize how horrible of a PR move it is to act this scared of cameras. If they were smart, the attitude they'd want to convey is, "We are good cops with nothing to hide" rather than, "We are going to thwart public accountability at every turn and then retaliate against a photographer who dared to film us."

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