43 thoughts on “Sunday Night in South Central Los Angeles – California Highway Patrol and LAPD

  1. A man with a gun holding his own child hostage? What the fuck?? Just amazing how some parents can kill their own children or put them in danger

  2. Engine police! I love it !! Writing the revenue tickets all day and night. Still the highest homelessness. Paying the cops six figures and veterans and the under privileged living in tents or worse. The most regulations in the US and what has it accomplished. I could go on and on but just like the cops that patrol the L.A. streets it doesn't matter. They don't care about the people that they are supposed to be serving.

  3. here soon enough, we'll all have to ask permission from a uniform officer just to walk across a crosswalk…. think about?!

  4. Screw these street racers. I've been at a standstill at these random ass street races and I feel like I'm gonna get shot. No where to go surrounded by thugs.😑

  5. I was wondering what big city is going to break out with the first Civil War to change the way policeman treat our citizens

  6. I live in NYC and as fucked up as NYPD is they never pull you over and check under your hood for violations like that.. WOW THAT'S FUCKED UP..

  7. They were checking to see if he had any modifications to his car that don't meet CARB standards and actually more states are moving toward these environmental laws.

  8. is there no cleaning department in this city? im shocked how dirty it looks. in our european cities shit gets cleaned up day and night.

  9. they were looking for illegal engine and exuast modifications that racers do to make their cars faster. aftermarket headers intake exaust ect…

  10. outstanding work, always great narrating and keeping us properly informed. "and for what, revenue." exactly. thank you for being out there bro.

  11. They didn't pop his hood to check for any of those things these officers know that people modify those cars this is why I'm scared to boost my 240/: still gonna do it but this sucks

  12. There is a reason why your state is called the Communist Republic of California! I could not believe the cops opened the hood and looked under the car? What was their probable cause? I guess the cops used their xray vision like Superman! LMAO

  13. I assume you're not allowed to approach the driver and ask him for an interview when he's in the middle of being stopped by police?

  14. That's the one thing I hate about California, the fact that is car people can't modify our cars to a way that we want it. Like I get that crazy modification could be bad but the Subaru wasn't even that modified.

  15. I'm glad I'm from AZ. and have freedom to modify my car, to an extent anyway, when I travel to San Diego I feel like my car is the loudest around, I'm guessing its cause its illegal for California registered cars to modify exhaust???

    Only in California.
    Nice place to visit but i changed my mind about ever living there.

  16. damn… you kno what he said to his partner when they got back in the cruiser… "eassssy money buddy, easy money." pretty soon breathing will be sightable. ha

  17. The highest taxed state in America is still $440 BILLION in debt.   Look at the roads.  Look at the trash.  Look at the dead dogs on the sidewalk.

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