27 thoughts on “Shooting, Fight, Vehicle Roll Over – LAPD, Torrance PD, California Highway Patrol

  1. guy like you with the camera chasing these cops need to get a better job at the cop do their work like they supposed to you guys are a bunch of idiots thank you see you come to my town I guarantee you nobody want to let you be what you doing over there now right just guys are a bunch of morons she ain't dead dog to have more sense than you guys

  2. What's up with all the anti aircraft artillery explosions? I though I was watching a Discovery Channel documentary of the invasion of Guadalcanal instead of a DUI checkpoint.

  3. You are the man tom zebra. Too many pigs too much money spent on these assholes just standing around. Too many departments are way way overstaffed.

  4. ALL cops are pirates and tyrants! If cops ever stop you for no reason, >>>> DO NOT open your mouth! keep quiet!!! That is your rights!!………. ALL cops tries to give you some kind of bull shit lie why they pulled you over!! you can't NOT believe any of them!! and >>>>always ask for there supervisor ALWAYS<<< …..P.S. and do this Ill tell you a word that will really piss the cops off >>> just keep calling them a ( Fool ) then Laugh at them, they will get so f-en mad when you do that lmao lol lol

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