9 thoughts on “Sgt. Healey of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s

  1. Sgt. Healey probably had vodka in that bottle. haha…… I wonder if Sgt. Healey would actually do something when he notices his colleagues do something wrong. Has he done it in the past? I don't know. But I do know that there has to be some level of corruption among his colleagues. He's the only one that could answer that in good conscious.

  2. The first time me and the Sgt met it didn't go so well.  However, at this checkpoint he took the time to come over and speak with me and Dan and answer some questions Dan had.

  3. Did you notice the cop refers to the court as a system. The courts are bias as all hell. It is a money grad for the state and cops have a quota to meet monthly, therefor cops do not wish for people to infringe on their business of extortion by giving a warning to people of any checkpoints in operation.. FTP

  4. officer discretion is as varied as many fish in the sea. hate to say it, but you guys kissed this patronizing pricks ass. just being real, you know me after all this time, I won't b.s., and I try not to cuss, but I get mad. on that friendly note, keep up the hard work you do soso well, and hope your holidays are great.

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