Sad Reality of Mental Illness and Homeless

These 3 incident all happened in the city of Torrance.

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32 thoughts on “Sad Reality of Mental Illness and Homeless

  1. God bless them no one should be homeless in 2019 there enough big building governemts only use use it 50% of combined your government sector etc in to one building were possible turn the other in apartments specially veteran s I said it about the queen of England she doesn't need all them castle s turn one into luxury apartments for the veterans and other on
    The streets

  2. Growing up here in L.A., I don't ever remember this many mentally unbalanced people out on the street. It's gotten to the point where you run across someone in this sad situation almost every day now. If anybody has the answer to this heartbreaking situation, they're a genius.

  3. I'm beginning to wonder about you, ,did you change what your doing or do get high on the mentally disturb homeless people? ? Yes it's a shame that they are most of them can't access the help they need ,why? They care more about the kids then adults that's why the are like this … No adult with mental problems gets any help ..

  4. My wife’s gotten way to drunk at times and instead of taking her to jail 2 out of the 3 times they took her to a mental facility for the 72 hour evaluation and just released her the next day…. The system is so out of wack it’s not even funny

  5. Problem is going to get much worse by an exponential factor, in America, as we are experiencing a true socioeconomic collapse. Don't let the news media clowns keep telling you how wonderful the economy is and how any American can be a millionaire if they just work hard at their job. It is much more complicated than just addicts and alcoholics on streets, and/or mental illness, this problem is much bigger than the alphabet news agencies want to address.

  6. Get a small notebook and on the front write suspicious activity booklet. When cop asks what your doing tell him your working on your suspicious activity book. Then ask him if he will sign it with his name and badge number.

    Maybe you could get all of the 1st amendment auditors on you tube to do it as a challenge to each other to see how many signatures you can gather.

    Just an idea.

  7. Im a medic in a fairly large inner city and can tell you that the cops do something similar to this at least 5 times every shift i work and thats just my unit so imagine how many times they do it all over the city.

    What usually happens is some so called good Samaritan calls in to the police because a homeless person is sleeping on a bench or sidewalk and the cops show up and hassle them and call the ambulance and intimidate them into going to the hospital for whatever they can make up. If you really are a good Samaritan check on the person yourself if your not willing to do that please MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS because if you call the cops it only hurts the homeless and believe me the homeless know how to work the system so if they need help the definitely know how to get it.

  8. These homeless bring this upon themselves. They pull this shit to get attention. Attention seeking is something I seen alot when I worked in development mentally disabled homes and it's a huge mental problem. More than likely, that guy's brain is destroyed by drugs and alcohol. Really sad.

  9. I had to look up TMET (Torrance Mental Evaluation Team) because I've never heard of it. I figured it was some kind of mental health worker for the department. We have a PERT team (Psychiatric Emergency Response Team) in San Diego County. Out of years I've been doing this, I have never seen them actually do anything but stand around especially on 5150 calls.

  10. I work in a ER in commiefornia where these guys are brought after being caught, They are always on some drug and they get combative and try to run when they are told they are placed on a hold. I do enjoy my job and Im in it to help people but its always the same people coming in, fighting with us, and taking up space and resources away from other people that are not crazy on drugs or trying to kill themselves or us.

  11. @Onus News Service Did all these incidents happen over time or did they all happen in less than a week, less than a month? Do you know how often they get psych calls? Are there a lot of them? This is the first I've seen where someone did several together, and focused on the one subject. Were all of these people homeless?
    I've known of psych patients where the family wanted nothing to do with the mentally ill person and that's how the person ended up out on the streets. Perhaps there are more in Cali than in other states, I don't know.
    There were more psychiatric facilities prior to now, but a lot have closed. The conditions were deplorable years and years ago, but it's looking like things haven't improved for these poor souls at all. There are less places to go, but not less people in need. I really don't know what to say. I hope you do more of these. Thank you.

  12. Mental health is real, yo. I am Bi-polar and have PTSD. It's tough out there. People out there have it worse. The worst feeling to have is for someone to not understand you when going through episodes.

  13. FYI The PV police will come after you this way if you continue to call them names and follow them around in any way with your camera. They’re dangerous and the courts are on their side. They don’t care about the law, their pride is far more important. They play dirty.

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