22 thoughts on “Police Sergeant Commits Battery on Photographer at DUI Checkpoint

  1. This so called photographer is a joke & doesn’t know anything about laws just another dumb tool. Lucky he always seems to run into nice cops. When I was working I would have been polite, firm, but he would have done what he was told or taught a lesson. Next time he saw me he would have left the area immediately or have gone to jail. Guy is a punk.

  2. I never thought that I would say this about another human being, but here goes. I could care less if those two PIG COPS got killed today. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

  3. Some people might not think this is battery.  However, if I had smacked the hand and camera of the cop, do you think I would be arrested by the police and charged by the DA ?  I think so.

  4. Looks like it's chilly there with the police wearing jackets and your arms shaking.

    When did you film this? I see "Road Dog 50" say it's and old video.

    Do you have a name and badge number?

    My badge number is "9".

  5. Cops just HAVE to get over their hatred of being recorded. What's the big deal anyway? And why is a supervisor, or any cop if he's not the supervisor, getting all schoolyard mouthy and in your face taunting with the videographer? He's so childish! It's embarrassing when grown men behave that way.

  6. Why is it necessary for this officer, a Sgt, to go out of his way to contact the photographer? The job is tough enough without trying to antagonize someone,

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