Police Refuse To Help Pepper Spray Victim

Police Refuse To Help Pepper Spray Victim

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30 thoughts on “Police Refuse To Help Pepper Spray Victim

  1. Tyrone Gribbens thinks he is a good actor.  The truth he is just a bad liar.  He has a long history with Tom Zebra and harbors a deep resentment towards him.  On this night, Officer Gribbens pretended to not know who Tom Zebra was.  All Torrance police officers know who Tom Zebra is and they know who I am.  I think their response to this felony assault was deliberate and pay back.

  2. Its pretty clear the guys in the black truck know who and where she works too. America's finest to protect and serve. This is one example of why the Ameican public is pissed at the cops.

  3. OK so here’s how pepper spray works, when someone is pepper spray there’s not a whole lot anybody could do even the whole pouring milk on your face only takes away minor burns you just got a let it play out. So what do you expect them to do?

  4. Why am I the only one that thought the cops were trying to do their job but we're just getting fucked with by these guys? SMH. Now I know why some cops act like assholes because if people act like these two guys filming all the time, then I can understand. Why not just answer the questions they asked? Apparently you are more worried about the officer not remembering you then u are getting medical.

  5. Her dad is a judge…right! He is likely a judge in a topless strip club (and may be the one who molested her when she was young, that is why she throws that out there all the time for no reason).

  6. Inebriated stripper or unknown porn wanna-be, who grew up and talks like she is from the ghetto, but believes she is a celebrity from Brentwood. Go figure!

  7. darn it, but I disagree on this one. Bitch would have been contacted. if Bitch had felony or misdameanor warrant. no choice in the matter. should have gave car info at scene. by the time report was filed at police station Bitch was not around anymore.

  8. im usually one the same sheet of music with y'all but Tom made that interaction with the police. go south. He got a lil defensive and accusatory real fast. The bald guy was a dip shit but he was dealing with z man well. If Tom coulda chilled out y'all coulda got that bitch. I appreciate u both but cooler heads homies.

  9. So what was the entitled daughter of a judges handicap? Does being dumb and entitled qualify for handicaped parking? Or is public inebriation reason enough to qualify?

  10. I hope you guys filed complaints with the Torrance Police department for the way they handled that situation I was just utterly ridiculous I can't even believe it for I can't believe it I just can't believe it dude f**** ridiculous that would have happened to me and someone sprayed me with pepper spray and then I shot them what what I would be the one victim I mean I would be the person that is you know I have no idea that's crazy we live in a f***-up country man when these police don't f**** want to help anybody

  11. I cannot believe these f**** Nazi pigs we're here to serve and protect bull f**** s*** you haven't served to protect anyone in f**** I don't know how many years you f**** Nazis you guys are pieces of s*** I can't even believe this s**, I'm sorry about all that bro f***** America it's going to s*** in a handbasket man

  12. are you f**** serious you just got f**** sprayed with pepper spray and these officers f**** do not even want to take a f**** report from you I do not fucken understand this for the rest of my for all of my being in life that is some f**** Nazi f**** propaganda bulshit some f**** little s*** that's her dad's a judge f**** sprayed you with pepper spray because she thinks she's above the f**** law and she's going to get away with it because these douchebag cops don't know the f**** law and don't want to help you f**** a man what the f*** is wrong with this country and these two cops are f**** douchebags from hell and they should not have a f**** job as a police officer.

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