Police In Idaho Removing Name Tags, Refusing to ID

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13 thoughts on “Police In Idaho Removing Name Tags, Refusing to ID

  1. Get pulled over and the cop refuses to ID, pull away and call 911, tell them your being pursued by a police impersonator. See how long this anti ID policy will last.

  2. No accountability or transparency. All police in our country are trained to hate the people and to think of us as nothing but animals, and their enemy. They're especially trained to hate black and brown folks, and they really hate the auditors/activist the most, because they expose them for the traitors and tyrants that they truly are.
    The following is how they're trained and I call it = Our Police State and Police Brutality
    The sad fact is that police officers do not know nor do they want to know that they are agents acting on behalf of a corporate government that resents and begrudges both human and constitutional rights. Instead…very shortly after being given a position of authority, police officers quickly fall into the miry numbness of day-to-day bureaucratic and systematic processes meant to dull their minds and their senses and they become pre-programmed shells of what they once were. The tyranny and oppression they deliver to the people is the officers fault, because they allow it. They are the tool the tyrannical masters use to dispose of and annihilate any who would dare to not be sheep or dare to question the order, existence or behavior of the "legal" process.
    Look into Stanford prison experiment and the Milgram experiment. These two are an eye opener of what regular people are capable of doing to each other when they obey perceived authority figures.
    One of the most popular police trainer in the United States is Dave Grossman. He teaches a seminar called, "Killology." In his seminar he teaches cops and their trainers that there are only two kinds of citizens: Sheep or Wolves. There are so many things wrong with this line of thinking. Besides teaching cops to see people as animals, not as people, he is also teaching them that if a person does not act like a sheep, they must be a wolf and, according to Grossman, wolves must die. It is disgusting and degrading for the corporate government to see its citizens in such a way. Here is a link to the training: https://unicornriot.ninja/2018/bulletproof-warrior-training-manual-released/
    Also, we need not wonder why the police target Black Americans. Because even if a Black American falls into the "sheep" category, they are seen as "black sheep." This then causes a double bind for Black folks when dealing with law enforcement.

    How about a dose of truth about US Law Enforcement:
    1) The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have NO DUTY to protect the public. https://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/justices-rule-police-do-not-have-a-constitutional-duty-to-protect.html
    Also here = https://archive.is/gHlb4
    And here = https://mises.org/power-market/police-have-no-duty-protect-you-federal-court-affirms-yet-again#.XFYYw3iiU6Q.facebook
    2) The Supreme Court has said that the police do not have to understand the laws they are sworn to protect; https://www.mintpressnews.com/court-rules-police-dont-need-know-laws-enforce/217236/
    3) The Supreme Court has said that the police are allowed to make "reasonable mistakes" even to the point of killing someone;
    Shoot first, think later= https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/17-467_bqm1.pdf
    4) The Supreme Court has said that police are allowed to lie and be deceptive;
    5) The Police in the United States investigate themselves when something goes wrong and…surprise, surprise…they’ll find that they did nothing wrong. It is human nature to, at first, get into a profession to "help people" and then, once there, realize that nobody else in that profession is helping people and that everyone else in that profession is getting away with as much as they can as often as they can and just waiting for that glorious, glorious day when they can get a state retirement and suck at the taxpayers teat for doing nothing while at the same time brag about how they "served their community" and expect people to still thank them for their service.
    Why do cops shoot and kill people? To have the best sex of their lives. One of the most respected and utilized police trainers in America (Dave Grossman – Look him up) tells the thousands of police trainers that he trains, that if they shoot and kill someone, they will have the best sex of their lives. He also says, "Both partners are very invested in some intense sex." He also says that cops should, after shooting and killing someone, "Relax and enjoy it." Demented, Sick, Disturbing, and Twisted. Such is the state of law enforcement.
    My biggest concern is that people find out who the number one police trainer is in the US – Dave Grossman…his training is turning cops into paranoid warriors, who see all civilians as threats, who's sole purpose is to kill cops. Every citizen is guilty. Every citizen needs to be challenged, questioned, interrogated, identified and categorized into either "less of a threat" or "deadly threat." Any citizen who challenges, questions or refuses a cop's commands or demands automatically becomes a "wolf" and, in Grossman's words, "Wolves need to die" either through deprivation of liberty(prison) or outright extermination. There is no such thing as "community policing" or "protecting and serving." From the moment an officer gets up in the morning until he or she goes to sleep at night…there is only surviving and God help anyone who threatens that survival…whether it is a real or perceived threat. And non-compliance, suspicious behavior, or even abnormal behavior is seen as a threat.

  3. Welcome to the United police states of Amerikkka. Nothing will change until qualified immunity is abolish and the police union pays for all lawsuits.

  4. It's the perfect time to come up with nicknames.
    But to be real, it's risky dangerous to let officers be without visual identification.
    A serial-number would suffice.
    What's next – unmarked service guns?

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