45 thoughts on “Police Called for Photographer – Back up Called for Second Photographer

  1. This video starts well into the detainment. I asked ESPD why the video starts so late and they wouldn’t answer. I believe the answer is because at the beginning of the detainment the cop tells the photographer he broke the law by jaywalking and also was on Chevron property. Both of these are lies.

  2. Don’t “give up” any information…anything you say, anything, can be used against you…
    Even if you think you aren’t doing anything wrong…and it gets documented….
    Well done with the second photographer who didn’t talk 👍

  3. why some law pigs … local, state ,federal .are so paranoid about terrorists…unless they are republicons trump loving NRA terrorists.

  4. Hard to conclude that the image sensor is not equally important as the lens. To put it simply, an image sensor is to a digital camera what film is to an analog camera. Sensors in cameras, both still and video, come in a variety of sizes. Some popular sizes are Super 35 (Sony NEX-FS100), Full-frame (Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D800), APS-C (Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Nikon D7100), and Micro Four Thirds. Image sensors get smaller for compacts and high-end point and shoots, and smaller again for smartphones and other small cameras. So what makes a bigger sensor better?

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    I cite fair use for my cut and paste here.

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  5. In many auditing videos cops make it a point to say they're videoing too, but as we see that means absolutely nothing because cops conveniently lose footage and sometimes whole videos when they show cops involved in wrong doing.

  6. why are you helping this tyrant to attempt to jam you up? all these questions have nothing to do with anything except to entrap you and generate or better yet extort your money.

  7. Cop is playing "friendly" and sprinkles in his investigative comments. Police are No ones friend, but their own. Thug Blue Line.

  8. Nearly every bodycam video of police wrongdoing is EDITED. They are criminals able to cover up their own criminal behavior.

  9. Don't worry nothing will come of this, other than all your personal details will now be on the police intelligence system despite having done nothing wrong?

  10. Also trying to gather information about possible crime against a rich kid school, don't talk to cops, is a brilliant way to stamp him shut before you end up in a cage

  11. They make 8 dollars an hour, they don't know the first amendment right, ?????? Is he insinuating that those people that are around are too thick to understand somthing???????

  12. Sign this guy up for the Bassmasters Tour…he fancies himself quite the fisherman. What a useless turd…all that money we pay him and he’s on his radio reporting citizens engaged in legal activity to dispatch. Funny how they all scratch their head and wonder why there’s a disconnect between cops and the public. Thank you for what you do Katman…a true professional and pioneer.

  13. "They don't understand your rights…" I do, but instead of explaining it to them, I'd rather just violate your rights. But I'm totally on your side! 🙄

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