Man Accused of Exposing Himself to Women at Beach

Man Accused of Exposing Himself to Women at Beach
Basking in the Sunshine – Venice Beach Style

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31 thoughts on “Man Accused of Exposing Himself to Women at Beach

  1. It could be feminazis targeting a man and these cops are going to take their word for it?! Probably because they're women. Disgraceful Feminazi cops!!!

  2. Ppl make ALL SORTS of weird complaints. Police will tell you that themselves. I was@ a Beach once and some dude approached me and a Elderly man I was with and started saying; ''Do you guys see that shit?'' We were like uhhhh, no, I dunno. Hi, hey, what's goin on? Hows it goin? Not knowing what he was talking about. He said yaaaaaaa, like wtf eh, why is he doing that? STILL NOT KNOWING what the guy was talking about, we asked. What are you talkin about man? See what? He was like that fkn guy, he keeps looking at us. We were like/said – what guy? He pointed, there was really only 1 guy close by. But since I don't make assumptions I literally got up and stood right beside the man I thought he may have been pointing at so I could be sure. I said THIS GUY?! The guy said yaaaaaaaaaaaaa that's the guy! I said OK and what's going on? He said that fkn guy, he keeps stairing@ us man. I said stairing? You mean just looking at you? He said YAAA me and my girl, wey're just trying to lay on the beach and tan, do our own thing and fkn relax. He keeps STAIRING. I said, uhhhh and so what's the problem then? He said he's fkn stairing@ us, its creepy. I said man, how do you know IF you do know, he's stairing@ you? I said he could be looking ALMOST ANYWHERE LOL. He could be looking at the Birds just past you, or over your heads. Or he could be looking at the Water just past you. He could be looking@ anything. He said ya, but he's looking@ us. I said HOW do you know?! The guy then said OK, fk off if you don't see it, then fk you. I said man, EVEN IF the guy is/was looking at you, there's no Crime in that. I'm looking at you right now. The guy didn't even Laugh or say, yaaa you're right or anything. I said BESIDES man, the guy is wearing Sunglasses. I don't see how you could POSSIBLY know where he's looking. The guy said, so you don't think I should call the Police. I said, I dunno man. I don't really know what you're talking about to be honest. I said, there doesn't seem to be a problem to me. But if you think there is a Crime in Progress or the Law is being broken, I said feel free to call the Police. He said, what a bunch of bllshit then he walked away. Was fn weird in my opinion and in reality too lol. POINT is there are a lot of weird ppl everywhere, who try and just FK with ppl because they're bored or unstable. Orrrr who will try and mislead ppl and or Hustle them and if they can't or aren't able to Hustle the ppl they're trying to Hustle and or BS, they often get mad and will try to escalate the issue by calling the Police and making up Bogus bs. Just be aware of that. IT DOES HAPPEN.

  3. Dude, nice obvious preening on hair next to her face when she found out you are a journalist… and she's fascinated by "this stuff"… and she left her group to come talk to you… One thing you can do is ask her to leave feedback about how she likes the new's story… that way she won't have to feel "needy" or "pushy" if you like to take it slow… Some people don't like to ask for a phone number the first time they meet someone because they're afraid it looks cheesy or too much too soon… but we only go through once… unless as someone else said, you are already spoken for.

  4. So you go straight in handcuffs, just because two girls say he was exposing himself? That's a bit much. And why are these cops not asking any of the people around him?

  5. what a sweet public reaction…..nice to get them now and again~ great video
    all the time you spend in Venice….are you getting a nice tan? 🙂

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