23 thoughts on “Lawndale Sheriff’s Deputy Violates Free Press Rights of News Camerman

  1. Katman, do you ever sell this footage to local news stations? Simple shots of a crime scene can make more money than you'd think. $100+ for a simple 15 minutes of filming.

    The crime scene tape is quite flexible. As long as you remain on the outside of the tape, then walk forward, you should be able to get in a few feet closer to get a better view.

  3. If they expand a crime scene then you become part of the crime scene and can't be forced to move. You should have stood your grounds. You should have said, "You can expand your crime scene, but then I'm part of the crime scene.

  4. I hate it when they tell people to move while they stand behind the crime scene tape especially with a camera like what's the point of that? That blatantly goes against their oath.

  5. I'm very appreciative to you for these videos. Even with the risk of your freedom and liberty. You and Daniel keep up the good work

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