25 thoughts on “LAPD Takedown of Suspects in South Central Los Angeles

  1. This right here, in this video, happens every single day in South L.A. Police have no respect for the community. In turn, the community has no respect for the police.

  2. The case-of-usa-supreme court-vs-joseph lido-"says cops are-Not HERE TO PROTECT-YOU-BUT TO HARRAS YOU,n-make-big-money out of the-PEOPLE"-the-revenue the that-pigs-make for the city of-LA-is-$1million-a-year-with fake-tickets,arrests,towing your car-n-all-the-BS-they-do-thats why-the-pigs-get paid-120000-a-year–please-never hurt-the"pigs"-just film-them-i-know the-that-$you-or-relatives will-get-is not-going-to-revive-you–but-hopefully-the city-will stop employing"criminals"as-cops-

  3. I don't know what the pull-over was for but as far as being alright so far: I don't fricken think so!! These fricken paranoid, delusional cops are out of control!! Why did that cop need to slam his knee into the back of a totally compliant person who was laying on his stomach with his hands spread as instructed, and then twist his arm as if he was resisting? There was no need for that for sure!! Just makes one wonder; what else these fucktards will do next?

  4. Look at the officer @ 4:00. He's going to kill somebody one day. Look at the way he dropped his knees into the guy and got him in a submission. The other officers slapped the cuff on the suspects. That officer over reacted. That was excessive force. Not deadly, but excessive. It's funny the way that coward ran over to do that to impress the two sergeants next to him. He's willing to kill to impress his cop buddies. He has his job description very wrong.

  5. Nobody thought to stop traffic in the other direction? Imagine if there was an all too common weapon discharge and an innocent person was killed.

  6. did anyone else notice the Asian-looking officer at about 5:45 to 5:50 pull something from his pocket and confer with the other officer by the driver's-side door?
    Looks to me like he had some dope stashed just for planting, because he uses his right hand to show the other cop, but in his left is an evidence bag.

  7. Usually that response is if it was a suspected stolen vehicle, or an occupant was suspected of robbery/ violent felony, etc. Again… Usually.

  8. Look at that pig at 4:00 that's the problem. All the other pigs are using enough force to detain. This pos goes way beyond excessive. Hiding behind the gun and badge. Stay safe out there

  9. Just once, I wonder if I will ever see the cops do this to people dressed for an evening out to a CORPORATE party/gathering/function… all dressed in suits/ties, evening gowns, etc. To see the cops extract THOSE folks from an expensive/luxurious high-end vehicle such as a Maybach, Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc… and let's say the extraction/stop takes place in Bel Air Estates, Hollywood Hills, Rancho Palos Verdes, etc… Just Once! HA! I mean, just think about how much the cleaners bill would be alone… all that dirt and oil from laying face down in street! Those expensive suits and gowns would be ruined! (; Peace, POETIC.

  10. For every person arrested and charged with a crime, thousands of dollars are generated in revenue and the city needs this money to pay back its debt for the bank loans. It's an extortion racket.

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