21 thoughts on “LAPD Interferes With News Cameraman at Police Chase

  1. According to LAPD, a press pass gives you the right to stand where all other people are standing.  Until of course you stand there and then another cops tells you to move somewhere farther away.

  2. They are dealing with a man with a gun and their more interested with a man with a camera. What’s wrong with these people

  3. I hate the title and the guy recording. We get it, your with the media and you wanna use your 1st amendment right to record in public. But if the police are trying to look for someone or conduct an investigation and they tell you to move, then fucking move. They aren't doing it to be pricks, they are doing it for your protection and so they can focus on what they are doing. The guy recording this video was told to move multiple times and every time talked back or gave attitude. We get it you have a job to do, but the polices jobs are far more important than some guy with a camera being rude.

  4. I know a guy that has an cop/ex-wife….he told me he was never so glad to divorce that control freak and thanked god that they never had kids…what a dufus that last cop was…comes over to a you and tells you you can stand where you're standing…lol…IDIOT!

  5. All publicly funded camera's should be available to be viewed by the public 24/7.. then we could set up a private police to police the police and issue summons to appear when the camera shows they breach the laws they are supposed to uphold. Or similarly we can then dock individuals pay when they are asleep at their desk or not occupying their desks when they should be. 100% transparency is only good if you have the same access to camera's the government use against you. and you pay for. Camera on the street in the post office in the mayors office even the publicly funded camera's in the police chiefs office. Every public person on duty ( so if they are on duty 24 hrs a day then their lives should be public record and available to the public 24/7. ) One should never have to specifically request any public record they should be available 24/7

  6. 🔥 honestly bullets fly all direction, they just don't want you to get hurt.. why do folks get victimize when they just clearing up the perimeter.. ass hole guy with the camera

  7. 99.9% of the time female officers have a attitude problem. Why?? Its a serious question why?? Why do they do everything with emotions and take everything personal its ridiculous I know men do eswell but female officers seem to be all…

  8. The police can't have a camera on them. They can't beat on the suspects then. Especially the Like Assaulting People Daily.

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