36 thoughts on “LAPD – Imperial and Main – DUI Checkpoint – South Central Los Angeles

  1. Not to many American citizens left who should challenge the U.S. Constitution and 4th Amendment of illegal DUI checkpoints partly funded by mad mothers called MADD. Not to mention all the motor officers positioned near checkpoints should be considered entrapment. No one cares though, except Onus News Service, you are doing a great job!

  2. This only works when there is a good steady breeze. Go upwind from a checkpoint. From about 2 blocks away open a small trash bag that you have filled with cayenne pepper powder and shake it out. Leave the area immediately. This should take no more than 10 or 15 seconds to accomplish. Take the bag with you and burn it once you get away. Wear latex gloves, swim goggles and a painters mask. Burn them too. Buy the powder with cash over the course of several months at different stores. This is basic urban guerrilla warfare.

  3. Man BLEEP LAPD! They not about to tell me to turn around and go back. Just give me a ticket or whatever you want to do. Louisiana Cops not that crazy enough to make folks do that at checkpoints down here. I couldn’t stay in Cali.

  4. It is SOOO unethical for a cop to tell you where you must drive. We need a driver bill of rights in the U.S.A. When driverless cars become commonplace they will just electronically take over your car.

  5. question do they do this on the west side like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu, Bel Air. Because I worked a lot at night time around those cities and I’ve never seen a DUI check point around that part town.

  6. I noticed that LAPD have the long guns on the motorcycles. Here in Merced, CA the citizens took issue with their PD when they saw these issued on the motorcycles. A City Counsel meeting was set and people demanded the shotguns be taken off. The PD was forced to comply with the demands of the people. In Davis, CA there was a similar situation with the new BearCat armored vehicle the PD obtained. Is there and "push back" In LA regarding these issues?

  7. I’m a little old lady and I’ve never even seen or been through a DUI check point. I don’t drink alcohol, not even wine or beer, but if I saw a line that long, I’d make a u turn too. WOW! How crazy to stop u turn makers. I didn’t know it was illegal to make a u turn 🙄 Was that a gun shot? Why are they taking off belts and shoelaces? I’m so confused 😖

  8. I remember when i busted a bitch on a checkpoint on florence. At the time i was unlicensed and had an eighth of weed in the car on our way to the beach w my friends. 😂

  9. All the while people where getting mugged and killed several blocks away…….. Unlicensed ??? No excuse for anyone to not have a license in California anyone including undocumented illegal aliens can now get a license.

  10. another kaleidoscope of calamity cluster f-ing conscientious concerned albeit uninformed citizenry. (that's an old saying that I just made up) good commentary Kat…

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