Inglewood Police Blatantly Lie and Deny Pursuit Occurred – Drone Footage

Inglewood Police Blatantly Lie and Deny Pursuit Occurred

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43 thoughts on “Inglewood Police Blatantly Lie and Deny Pursuit Occurred – Drone Footage

  1. One of the officers told me something about a bunch of beers in the front seat and maybe other intoxicants as well which really doesn't mean anything to me. I don't understand why they would say there wasn't a chase if there was unless they ignored the w/c. Still. A Hawthorne Lieutenant recently had the last word on a excellent feel good story where the police responded and captured the bad guy after he had broken into a persons house. I followed the entire story on the radio. When I asked the LT decide to tell me there was no robbery but instead they were just picking up a known person because he had a little warrant for his arrest.
    After that I followed the field show up for the first house the guy broke into that morning.
    Since when did they start doing field show ups to verify warrants?
    Then there was last night. HPD again rescued a guy who was kidnapped by several guys and forced to drive them until the driver flagged down an officer.
    Instead of enjoying a little praise for a job well done they messed that story up to by being rude and disrespectful to folks who weren't even involved. Much like this video the police decided to pick on random individuals for passing by a crime scene.

  2. I don't think that officer is stable enough to have a k9…. the way he was treating it, having the shock collar high enough to make the dog squeal. Disgusting behavior and an alarm that should be investigated.

  3. I love how these little traffic pigs think they are Spec.Ops performing a raid on a empty car. Hilarious. Join the army if you want to kill people." tough guy's ".
    Most these little chicken shits wouldn't last one day in Iraq or Afghanistan without shitting their pants.

  4. This is why people feel helpless. There is literally no one who can help these people. No one at all who can save them from lawless badge-gang actions. Not the cameraman, not some police chief, not a politician. No one. Anyone can be grabbed at any time for no reason at all without regard to any law.

    Land of the free. Maybe we shouldn't be so high and mighty. Plenty of other countries have roaming packs of armed thugs shaking down civilians. Perhaps we are not all that special.

    At least no unarmed citizens got shot.

  5. At 7:31 the cop go tell them to hide, searching the two guys, they abuse the people because they don't know there right , and cant afford the court process . the court have to be free it been pay by the tax anyway. the right of the people have to be obligatory teach in school from 5 grade so by the time the school is finish the people will know there right.

  6. Nothing to see here. Move along. There is nothing to see here. There was no pursuit. Nobody is being arrested. No innocent people are being harassed and having their Fourth Amendment rights violated here. Just stop filming and move along. LOL.

  7. Omg if police stop you when walking tell them no and to piss off. That's horrible. Earning the hate! Earning the hate! Who TF are they to demand respect? Come on.

  8. think about it. nearly everything you watch, from the news/sports/television shows/ EVERYTHING, the cameraman isn't even an afterthought. this movement, opposite. outstanding coverage here.

  9. WTF was the shit w/ the shotgun & the trunk? & it takes like 10 seconds to look in a trunk to make sure a person isn't inside & why did they cop not have his flashlight on for the shotgun if he couldn't see what was in the trunk at night?

  10. WTF? A pursuit that "didn't happen" coupled with a felony stop and apparent unlawful detention of pedestrian passers-by? Officer acting as if he's under orders not to talk about it to Tom Zebra?

  11. Anybody that wants to become a cop has issues with control and power… The wrong person being screwed with will result in retaliation once released…. Cops know this and are scared.

  12. law enforcement don't realize that respect is a two-way street. Give a little get a little and they retaliate against anyone who shows them any disrespect very childish

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