34 thoughts on “If You Knew The Whole Story Your Opinion Would Change

  1. They view press as the enemy; you nailed it. They only view the fluff and fake MSM as press. It's a different world from the News at 6 days when that was the only source of news.

  2. Well, you gave them ample opportunity. They just shot themselves in the foot instead. LOL Onus, If you don't mind my asking, what kind of camera(s) do you use?

  3. Then do the leg work. Obtain the CAD, contact the PIO, etc

    Normally the field officers can't or fear giving out info, that's what the PIO is for or some form of high ranking Sgt+. So I wouldn't blame Officers / Corporals.

  4. what a FANTASTIC video demonstrating the VAST difference between officers and their attitudes… how can we "know more" to comment if they won't allow us to actually know more, when I've done FOIA's and gotten them so heavily redacted because they know who I am and they think they can just black line page after page so I get nothing, and I am forced to file a lawsuit just to get a copy thats not grossly and incorrectly redacted to cover things up, its clear they don't want us to know more…

  5. Your problem is you do not under stand the POPO is large and in charge and do not need no stinking press ! Now gets out of the parking lot …boy!

  6. Your approach is wrong. First you open a box of donuts then wait 15sec at the distance the cop will smell the donuts and start moving his head side to side trying to locate the smell and that is when you approach the cop and say. Hi officer would you like to help me with the donuts I think I got to many. He will automatically say let me see what you have and as soon as you get cose enough that's when you start asking your questions the cop will answer everything unknowingly you let him take the box of donuts not just a donut and you'll get the story.

  7. Excellent report…hiding and clouding the truth results in the story they, government, want us, Americans +, to understand. Keep up the good work!

  8. It's perfectly fine to have opinions on what you think might be going on. If you don't know for sure, don't make the same mistake a lot of people do, by saying, "This is what's going on", or, "They're being stopped for this reason". As long as you preface your comments with "I think that blah blah blah", or, "It's my opinion that blah blah blah", you can't be faulted for it.

  9. Bring a box of donuts and coffee to the precinct as a peace offering to put any past misunderstandings in the past. Tell them you're on their side and on the side of the law & transparency.
    You were harsh against them in most previous vids, not unjustifiably. They're on power trip being cops &/or military while you're a civilian on a bike w a camera.
    Good luck
    Maybe a 6 foot hero sandwich cuz donuts will obviously offend them, although the fat ones will eat most of them!

  10. Good job showing what you have to deal with.
    Despite what they assume, you'd think they would like to help you to show some different sides to some of their interactions if they'd share some of this. It seems disingenuous to me they wouldn't want to help you tell another side of the story. Because there may not be another side and your assumptions are right the majority of the time.

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