Homeless Sleeping on The Streets of Venice Beach California

Homeless Sleeping on The Streets of Venice Beach California The Streets of Venice Beach at Night – The Smiths – Asleep

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  1. This just showed up in my YouTube Music liked list. I like every video of yours and every one gets a thumbs up but it is not my taste in music. I'm sorry but I had to remove the thumbs up. I still think you did a great job but knowing Google, they will see that thumbs up and I will have all sorts of related advertising and content pushed my way, including the music.

  2. Mama…please tell me this is not so…I.m sorry child but it is. My heart is broken too but I can repair it by…LOVING YOU

  3. Socialism has taken over California and this is one result of it. It will get much worse unless Trump does something at the Federal level.

  4. Wow truly sad…. I have fond memories of Venice beach, I grew up there my grandfather built houses there helped with building the canals so they let him keep the “display house” I remember feeding the ducks in my grandparents front yard cause they walked over from the canal… last I was there was 1997 truly sad to see how things have gotten and yes I’m aware homelessness has been a problem even then but it wasn’t that bad.. truly sad.

  5. After a bad breakup with my girlfriend I found myself homeless. I slept on the Santa Monica Beach one night. In the morning I got talking with a friendly stranger. He let me stay at his apartment in West LA and we became good friends. Each day I went out looking for work. I finally found a job working as an electrician in a motion picture studio. The work was tough, but the studio was willing to give me a chance. My new friend who let me stay in his apartment gave me plenty of time to get back on my feet. I was lucky.

  6. First and foremost the best thing you can do for the homeless is not be one of them, after that help who you can, and the ones you can't help realize that they will accept help and follow rules that come along with that help or perish. It's sad but true.

  7. So sad to see people living like this especially in one of the richest states in the united states.
    To see this with people driving cars that cost over $500000.00 driving past is so sad and shows how Greed and disregard for others is becoming the Norm in society.
    If I was rich i would start a program where i would help these people with housing and job training to get them back on their feet because in most cases that is what some need when others need mental help and drug abuse treatment.
    We now jail and throw away people needing mental help and it is so so sad.

  8. It makes you wonder what happend to the social part of caring within the system that brought us prosperity. It makes one wonder how intelligence does not lead to a solution to prevent these situations for the less fortunate ones and victims of a capitalistic system that is a greedy system as to one hand worker makes 40k a year and a banker makes a 100 million a year…..losing millions of funds by wrong investments paid BY that hand worker for his retirement. I personally highly question the intelligence and wisdom of any government anywhere on this planet.

  9. We can thank the Zionist for the poverty in this world. The people that tax others, will find homelessness being the end result.. No Jobs and no hope. No need to tax people on money created out of nothing in the first place. Taxation is death to the people in the end.. Sit back and watch our courts in action fixing this problem..

  10. The Smiths – good old English rock band. Great video, sad but made me think about those down on their luck…There but for the grace of God, go I.

  11. I actually work with homeless outreach organizations, and i can say that the part that makes me sad is the high number of homeless who choose to live on the street. I've seen people living in tents, under overpasses, and in gutters who have $1-2K in their pockets. Additionally, I have offered food and shelter to many, only to have them refuse because the first rule of many of the organizations I work with is that the participant must seek sobriety. its a sad fact that many choose meth and liquor over food and shelter.

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