Health Inspectors Shut Down Restaurant Over Outdoor Dining – Eat at Joe’s

12-4-2020 – Redondo Beach, California – Inspectors from the Los Angeles County Public Health Dept shut down Eat at Joes after the restaurant refused to stop outdoor dining. The owner was fined $500 and his permit was revoked.

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35 thoughts on “Health Inspectors Shut Down Restaurant Over Outdoor Dining – Eat at Joe’s

  1. Nothing rational, sane, beautiful or good can ever stem from fear.

    The corrupt government's COVID 'precautions' sold under the guise of keeping us 'safe' (note: they never say healthy) involve us:

    Using harmful chemicals on our skin, including droplets that are inhaled and injections filled with synthetic compounds that are proven to cause more harm than most any virus.

    wearing a mask everywhere and breathing in our own waste gases

    keeping us in a constant state of fear which is very taxing to the body, immune system and overall health. This is an ambient stress that they are aware, is very damaging to human health.

    preventing people, in many ways, from getting exercise as the lymphatic system is dependent on muscle movement in order to work to fend off infection.

    preventing people from traveling freely to places they would enjoy that would boost their morale and offset stress along
    with creating social tensions and disputes accompanying the fearful and those that are trying to fight to manage their own lives and health risks and choices

    Stifling our ability to earn income creating another stressful burden on people, families and society.

    Criminalizing normal behavior and sending people to prison for doing nothing illegal but exercising their freedoms.

    All of which are certain to have an adverse effect on health, just to maybe prevent a simple passing virus that is no different than any other that we have faced since the dawn of evolution. Manage your own health risks and protect the rights and freedoms of others. Learn to self-soothe, self-regulate and overcome the fear that they induce you with.

    See the corruption hidden behind the false-empathy and pseudo-logic they put forward enough to wake up about how utterly abhorrent our government along with corporations and their power over the people and how we need to disempower these narcissistic lunatics now before it gets even worse. Any faith in these psychopaths is misplaced.

    Some may enjoy living in fear, that's their choice. That is something everyone should abhor for good reason, however, and hope that you become enlightened enough to know how truly harmful fear and those that spread it are.

    When they process the virus for vaccines it creates mutated strains which are harder to treat and more virulent. It spreads the disease through the pores of the vaccinated host. Just ONE of the chemicals common in most all vaccines is Polysorbate 80 which can cause intestinal inflammation, anaphylaxis, and attaches to the Vagus nerve causing anxiety. That is just one compound with a host of harmful effects. Look up stereo-chemistry/chirality and see why synthetic chemicals are so harmful. Vaccines are loaded with them including inorganic by-products that also run amok in the body interfering with normal cellular function. FYI many manufacturers put Polysorbate 80 in ice cream targeting children.

  2. QAnon slop-shops like Eat at Joes kill you slowly, Redondo beach. Obesity and then another heart attack. Get real in 2021, Farmer’s Markets are open.

  3. Almost no one wears facemasks, there is no social distancing, serving food at the tables… Have you heard about a Covid19 epidemic ?

  4. watching that owner answer those questions was one of the saddest things ive watched in a long time.. I'm surprised any news sites out west are still interested in stories like that.. It seems like the consensus of the average californian is they don't care about anyone who lost their livelihood.. its a shame that it all became politicized.. maybe now that "they" won, and creepy ass joe is in office, they will let ppl earn a living again and stop punishing the middle class

  5. Business owner are afraid because tyrants shutting down their business for unlawful reason I say stay open and stopped asking for their permission fuck the Heath department inspector and governor giving fake order stay open covid-19 plandemic is a joke is to destroy all small businesses for good .

  6. I’m so happy the people get what they voted for Maxine got voted back in keep voting biden you don’t want trump so you get the devil

  7. What if you bring your own chairs? Can you order food and eat outside on your own chair? They don't tell homeless people anything so what would they tell people who eat own their own seats on the sidewalk?

  8. LAist has a list of CA hypocrites Pols who say how dangerous to go out to a restaurant and are caught doing it.

  9. Where is the video you posted of a blm march and protest outside city hall and they were trying to block a man who had been filming?

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