37 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto Suspects Caught by Police After Stakeout

  1. wanna know why they weren't yelling at the old man? because properbly they don't see him every day with a fucking camera giving them shit every time they ask you to do something. You know if you give respect you get respect? So give these guys the respect they deserve to protect you and your family and do what they say. If you actually started give them respect they might actually like you and let you come closer rather than you being a little bitch and telling them to "stfu"

  2. I love your reporting but don't be so hostile. I know Cops are Dicks and all that but why make it worse to cuss them out and potentially have them mess with you. Just take a step back and continue filming. All the videos I have seen has had every cop film them with no issues. They are just asking for some space. That Lapd cop from the Marina that you saw in South Central was cool with you because your approach was not hostile. BTW you are teaching law I never knew

  3. Sir, I've been watching your videos and really love them but why did you curse at the officer? I'm not saying he's right (in fact I admire your work), but if you curse you lower your level a little bit.

    Thanks for another amazing video.

  4. again another lame asss video! next time dont fucking get someone elses belongings and that way guess what? you wont have to go thru this shit again and wont have to get rifles and police rading ur asses! work save money and buy your own car like I and many people do ! so u wont have no issues Period !!!!

  5. Is it really copyright if person stand right next to you and videos the same-thing if you where like from different news company. the same with pictures.

  6. I just shared this video on Carlos Millers "Photography Is Not A Crime." Hopefully they are already watching your stuff Katman but anyway here is the comment I made at PINAC. "Katman from Onus News Service is active monitoring the police every day and is a big part of why I sometimes show up at relevant police incidents such as this one. He was on top of the radio transmissions and even gave me a call so I could get there to record it. Truth is he is more active in recording the police than myself or anybody I am aware of. Enjoy the video."

  7. That idiot cop ought to be focusing on the situation on hand instead of someone with a video camera. Pin a badge on someone and there heads swell, what a jackass cop! BTW it doesn't matter if it belongs to his momma or john doe up the road, if he took it without consent, its STOLEN.

  8. was that you wearing a fanny peck. by l the way notice how angry the cop took his weapon when you told him to shut up. when it comes to weapon safety they need to cool down they might shoot innocent people

  9. Katman on site! So Katman, was that an unaccountable, militarized, rip your face off K9 barking near you? Do these dogs respect your 1st, 4th, 5th amendment rights?

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