15 thoughts on “Gardena Police Stop Man on Parole

  1. Oh, shit. He's using a cell phone!!! Whats he hiding?!?!? Maybe…. just maybe…. the person he's calling isn't on radio comms. Maybe (and i know this is a leap) he calling the guys parole officer.

  2. To be fair, if I was at work and I saw someone filming my buddy I would let him know. I know it's different when you work for the state, but I'm just saying. BTW wonder how this guy on parole can afford to drive a Jaguar. Hmmmm…….

  3. If he is on parole they can do whatever they want. Unfortunately this man has no rights until he gets off parole. That's why so many people end up back in jail. They can violate you for any damn thing.

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