9 thoughts on “Gardena DUI Checkpoints – Under New Management – Sgt. Thompson

  1. They are nothing more than rc helicopter with a camera here in al you can fly up to 1000 feet then the fan get you in trouble. Dan your exactly right though they are making a huge deal over it so they can stop it. People have been flying these since we were kids it was a hobby of mine but as soon as you attach a camera, OH MY GOD ITS DANGEROUS they need to get real.

  2. bottom line to this vid: after all the years/hassles/arrests/arguments, and ALL the b.s. that goes with it, officers like his cat are realizing that an intelligent approach makes all the difference in the world. (kind of like it used to be, huh?) lots of hard, brave, appreciated work gentlemen. I would love to see more of these videos. thanks.

  3. Would have loved if you would have asked him about the towing company we always see on scene.. US tow must have a contract with the city, because I think the towing company, sets up the cones, chairs and tables for the police… How many cars are towed in one night? How much do the towing company charge for a tow… This is a huge racket.. One hell of a hustle to tow a car for insurance or a sticker.. That is where they make their money,, not DUI.. A DUI bust is just a plus. It must cost at least $195.00 to have a car towed in Ca.. plus storage of $35.00 a day.. You guys ever watch who sets up the checkpoint??

  4. It's a good start for Sgt Thompson. Unfortunately this good guy still has to follow police policy and training. He'd still cheerfully bash you're head in with a baton doing his hob. I hope not, but I'm pretty sure that's the case.

  5. Hey, Sgt.Thompson, you're a breath of fresh air in today's world of police brutality. I wish more were civil, friendly and reasonable like your behavior towards the photographers in this video. This was a positive change in management. Good video, guys!!

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