Freedom and Privacy Checkpoint Conducted by Redondo Beach Police

Freedom and Privacy Checkpoint Conducted by Redondo Beach Police

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39 thoughts on “Freedom and Privacy Checkpoint Conducted by Redondo Beach Police

  1. You have to stop and show your papers. BS !!!!! Against the Constitution of the United States. We ALL need to tell these corrupt cops NO !!!!.

  2. 1% is how many exactly , 100 people maybe ? That's potentially those dickheads getting home alive and not killing you or you're kids in the process !

  3. I agree 100% with dui checkpoints. Ive lost way to many friends from useless drunk drivers! That being said, I DO NOT agree with the way they do them- Ive been harrassed by cops at them because of the way I look, I do not drink/do drugs but because long hair,beard and tattoos I am harrassed….

  4. If there was one single road in a Los Angeles County then the checkpoints maybe will be of some use, but since there are thousands of miles of streets in LA County then it is impossible that a checkpoint will be of any benefit for the safety of the people. Checkpoints are the result of the way corrupted government officials think.

  5. With all the conservative judges being appointed these days, one can only hope the courts will come to their senses and properly uphold the 4th amendment

  6. I like living in a Police State, if you want to be difficult and non compliant than don't be surprised if we cave in your face. If you move during your arrest even as little as 1mm than you are resisting and we cave in your face. Freedom and liberty are just meaningless words. Sgt. Pig out.

  7. I had no idea the amount of checkpoints there. the monies recouped must be staggering opposed to the cost of the program. and always…reports of low arrests? Michigan abolished this practice, though it took two lawsuits. it was proven then, as it has since the amount of deaths did not increase, and in fact was reduced in EVERY year following the elimination. folks here are incredulous to scenes like this. Kat, as I've stated before I enjoy your narration.

  8. This is simply a revenue builder & Show of force. Although I feel that Law enforcement would tell you that they are just doing their job. I feel when you challenge them on why they are stopping you at this check point when "we are free to travel unmolested" they do not like you questioning them or asserting your rights!
    There in whitch the problem lies!
    They are in the wrong for stopping you and asking to see your drivers license unless they suspect you of wrong doing. They have a twisted interpretation of what their task at hand is. Serve and protect is not Policing us. The reversal of authority is needed! Sooner the better. That also goes for Congress and Government!!!

  9. True liberty ppl, keep exposing this police state for what it is,but most importantly we need to stop supporting it too. We go to the voting polls like blind mice,to enable politicians to steal our liberties,but we turn around and bitch when the damage has been done.when r the ppl going to stop this shit!

  10. Where's The Swastikas??? Show Me Zee Papers! Commiefornia, Test ground for The Nanny State.With ridiculous laws enforced by militarized Police.

  11. No doubt these checkpoints are all about money. They'll cite you for no seat belt, no insurance, etc. They should not be allowed to pull over people for no reason!

  12. Conditioning of the citizens to accept anything. Next will be show id on demand no matter where you are or what you are doing followed by entry into any residence without a warrant when ever they want. The Nazi's started using checkpoints to condition and control their citizens and thousands of Americans died defeating them?

  13. I don't know about the USA, but in the UK around 6% of DUI checks like this result in finding someone over the limit. That's around one person in 20. If that many people are over the limit then, yes, I'm quite happy for the police to catch them.

  14. This is why Katman's vids are so great. Not only do we get relevant and interesting video, but we also get investigative commentary and interviews to go along.

  15. Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming have found that sobriety roadblocks violate their own state constitutions or have outlawed them.

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