28 thoughts on “First Amendment Audit – Bernie Sanders Rally – Secret Service

  1. If you want smaller government and less power for corrupt, unionized police, vote Bernie, right? Because historically, Socialism has always meant better police…like in the USSR, Cuba, North Korea, etc. And don't start talking about Denmark, for heaven's sake. No Scandinavian country is Socialist. Bernie lies, and the fools fall for it.

  2. I can't believe there are this many idiots in this country that would vote for a socialist. That a look at Venezuela, they are starving and that will be the future with Bernie.

  3. Cover a Trump rally, and you will find hundreds of 1st Amendment violations by the idiots, and the idiots are not Trump supporters. MAGA

  4. Thanks for the video Katman. Next best thing to being there or better. Didn't have to wait in line. Not sure if I would have watched the entire video but I am trying to figure out if you endorse Sanders or anybody. I was thinking Ricky Munday for president but I think he is busy.

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