39 thoughts on “El Segundo Recreational Park – Murder Suicide

  1. I edited out a lot of footage due to its graphic nature and attempt to give some privacy to the victim. I hate to engage in censorship but in his case I felt it was appropriate.

  2. I used to live in El Segundo and I can tell you first hand that the ESPD have a very very bad past with brutality and racism. That officers attitude is just a very very small glimpse of their true colors in the town of El Segundo.

  3. And that’s why I stay in Culver City cuz people here just snap sometimes – Culver born n raised πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‡²πŸ‡½

  4. Two people are dead, and your bitch ass is complaining the police are asking your stingy ass to move back? People like you are just as fucked up as the people who commit those brutal crimes for wanting to record it for views, putting in narration like you're some kind of actual detective or "member of the press". Fucking pathetic

  5. You only blurred out the bodies for a small duration of the video and you felt that was appropriate? If you were truly respectful to the 2 deceased individuals, you would have blurred out their bodies in the entire video. I’m not commenting anything about what your rights are or your communication with the police, that’s your business. But not respecting people who have died for whatever reason is unacceptable

  6. Its sad about what happened i know the whole story the guy who killed himself is my neighbors son and im going to his funeral tommorow i wanted to do reseach to find about this and it is unbelievable

  7. This coward killed a person who was beautiful inside and out, who left behind a 1 year old baby girl. We are all still in shock and can't believe that her life was taken away in such a tragic way. She will definitely missed by everyone that knew her. 😞

  8. Good job standing firm with the cops. Especially the first coward shining the light. You did it properly and professionally, as usual. Another great catch and how sad people don't realize the importance of life and hold it dear. Too many weak and insane people out there causing death and destruction. If you are correct, this mentally unstable man should have been put into a mental hospital and treated and not have been allowed to become a dis-functional member of society and take a life. Oh, wait….this illegal corporation closed all the mental hospitals down for some crazy reason. Wonder why ?

  9. Blue ISIS does not want to be held accountable. Look at that waste of tax payers dollars turning his attention away from the scene to terrorize a law abiding american citizen. See that equipment we pay for used to attack the same people that pay for it. Wasting our tax dollars taping off an area out of the way because of a camera. Tax funded terrorism at work.

  10. OK, about this "if only for the camera" biz. If someone really wanted a picture, they simply had to be less obvious and use a less obvious camera, my point. The cop is sending you away for some other reason. It may be something so innocent as his ("his" meaning the cop's) sense of privacy for the victims

  11. What's with these cops shining their flashlights in the citizens' eyes. It happens in my city too. First of all, how do we know they are cops if we can't see them? And secondly, I'm willing to wager that the instructions that come with those flashlights says something like "Do not shine directly in the eyes as damage may result." You'd think these cops would have a better sense of responsibility than that….. Irresponsible morons!

  12. If the police dudes really believed there were possible perpetrators on the loose, the park, the park's restrooms, yards and houses behind you would be one of the first places to begin the search. It was obvious to you and the police dudes it was a murder-suicide. They probably don't want to others to critique their investigation tactics.

  13. It can never be the obvious Katman , you are quite the detective , πŸ˜‚.. This guy definitely , even though somewhat cordial , should not make the good cop award list.

  14. What an asshat cop! It is totally illegal for him to attempt to blind your camera! They always try and extend the crime scene way beyond where it should be, in order to block the person filming from being able to get footage.

    "FUCK THE POLICE" πŸ˜‰πŸ–•

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