22 thoughts on “El Segundo Police First Amendment Audit – Watch and Decide For Yourself

  1. I lived in South Bay California in the '90,s and EVEYONE knows to be scared of the El Sugudo Police there!
    For reals , And if you were a black and a white couple in a car driving thru their town there ,,, ?? Oh No !
    not a good idea ! Any infraction they can find , they were gonna find a way to put you in jail. The Judge has always backed up the police in the little town. On the other side of the picture , … It has always been (otherwise) a safe , quiet town nestled right next to LAX airport.. PS : the most high def camera I've seen on youtube.

  2. This remark is to the guy narrating the video. How is it a violation to pull a passenger out of the car during one of the traffic stops in the middle of the video? What if the passenger has warrants out for his arrest that you don't know about? What if the police know something else about that passenger you don't about? I was listening to what you are saying and there are lot of assumptions on your part about why the officers were doing what they did. Bottom Line: you think know what the laws are based on what you think or what some random blithering idiot troll states on the internet. (If somebody says something on the internet it has got to be true right? – Wrong!) As far as I'm concerned, these officers were doing their job!

  3. The police use license plate, headlight, tail light, failure to use a turn signal, unsafe lane change, and many many more "insignificant reasons" as you seam to call them but they have been doing this for decades. Especially when they see a couple teens that look like that in a car that looks like that. Back in the '60s if a hippie flashed the peace sign with their finger they often would get pulled over and when they hippies asked why they pulled them over the officer would say "Because you asked for a vehicle inspection didn't you?".

    So you see a lot of what you are portraying as harassment is normal police work that they use to look for people who they know statistically to have drugs and warrants and other illegal things going on. I am not going to say that what you do is not important. Especially with LAPD's known treatment of the public. I applaud your work and watch your videos often. Also, El Segundo is my home town and it was nice to see some pictures of it. I left CA in 1988 and have not been back since so thanks.

  4. 2 cool kids getting held up by police for no reason. If the cops had reasonable suspicion of a crime and turned up there was no crime, it IS harassment.

  5. I like Onus and Tom Zebra doing these, especially you Onus, because you're not too "in-your-face" with the cops, because that baits unnecessary conflict. You know your distance and you know your rights and you explain situations very clear and well.

    You and Zebra should start a monthly group ride because there are plenty of people out there with cameras on their bicycles and would like to capture as many of these situations as possible. You guys could like train or advice people how to do these things.

  6. More and more I'm seeing police with tattoos. Doesn't law enforcement consider tattoos as one indication for gang members? It certainly doesn't speak well to the professionalism claim.

  7. I bet even if they knew their rights, they still would have been searched. Sometimes it would just lead to a good beating, and no punishment for the officers. Great videos

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