30 thoughts on “Donald Trump Immigration Protest at LAX Airport in Los Angeles

  1. if illegal immigrants want to be a US citizen go and take the naturalization test, from what I hear it's not even hard …..remember your beloved obama signed an executive order to deport illegals with criminal backgrounds…give or take a few with clean records, (yall know nothing ever gets done accordingly with these orders), that is basically what trump is trying to do, as far as muslims go they been coming to America for quite some time on a temporary passport and then staying in the country, that is another thing he is trying to stop…..around 100 billion of tax payer money goes to these illegals,,,,that money can go on other things that people cry about……..Americas safety comes first we dont have time for your petty shit …get back to work or find a job

  2. Nice coverage OnusNews. Protest events are interesting to record and document. Looks like censorship of free speech by the Cops. "You can exercise 1st Amendment, but only on this side of the street."

  3. Notice how Trump supporters are quietly standing to the side, not impeding traffic to make their point, while anti-trump protesters are causing chaos. Also, notice that sexy bitch @ 2:04

  4. I just tweeted this to my followers, lets see if I can get you another 1,000 followers 🙂
    Great Video showing the diversity of American Patriots that support OUR new POTUS and understand we need to protect Americans first… GO TRUMP!

  5. They need to get a life. I say let them all in then watch these bitches start crying when they have no jobs. We barely have enough room for our own population. Why let more people in next time you're in traffic think about it

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