Disingenious LAPD Officer and Fake Concern for My Safety

Disingenious LAPD Officer and Fake Concern for My Safety

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28 thoughts on “Disingenious LAPD Officer and Fake Concern for My Safety

  1. Goofball. You will be filmed from now to eternity because we pay your salaries and you always lie for each other. Case closed. And donโ€™t be so smarmy next time. That was a poor attempt at sarcasm.

  2. If they have not done anything wrong then they shouldn't have anything to hide! Thats what they always tell everyone. so why don't that apply to them as well?

  3. Kind of hard to take him seriously after previously mocking what you were doing. That crap ticks me off. Cops are good at crafting comments that, as words alone, are kind and helpful, but are said in a way to basically tell you to go F yourself. Then when you call them on it, they're all "What? I just said (these words)". I would have more respect for them if they told me to go F myself. Empty words are for cowards. Police here my my city are good at that. Especially the superiors.

  4. Gosh, I've never had to get out of my car just for an ordinary traffic stop. I wonder why those cops felt the need to make this guy get out of his car, when they were just giving him a ticket for some minor thing. I wonder if they would have done the same thing to me. I guess they tend to treat small, quiet white women differently. They are such jerks. Thanks for keeping the spotlight on them. The way some cops decide to treat some people is a very serious issue.

  5. What he meant was, if something happens to you or that camera, we won't be jumping in to help you! Passive aggressive attitudes are so unattractive!๐Ÿ™„

  6. Please remind people that the FST (Field Sobriety Test) is not mandatory in the state of California. If you submit to the test you are guaranteed to fail the test. The FST is subjective, there are no rules for the test with the exception that you fail the test and their observations. I also recommend the blood test as the breath analysis test is horribly inaccurate. You can kill time while on the way to the hospital, and no, only a licensed nurse can withdraw blood in a licensed clinic or hospital; it is not legal to draw blood while outside or in a police trailer or police station, or in the field, it will easily be thrown out in court; therefore no evidence as long as you kept your mouth shut. Do not elaborate on your answers, keep them short, respectful and sweet. As in "sorry, I'm just tired". Their (police) number one priority is to build a case against you. And, are there to collect revenue for the local and state government, it is not for your safety. Ask yourself if you would give a shit about another person on the street. No, so neither do the police.
    The motor cop dude; that should not surprise anyone that the police dudes do not know the proper code to site off the top of their head. Totally unprofessional, and shows he's either a rookie or does not even know how to study code or give a shit about his job. Lack of proper training for the job at hand. Like George Carlin said: "it's physics, here's a pencil, now get your ass in there!"
    Hats off to you for videoing the police interactions with the public, `cause someday it may be illegal.

  7. atta boy kat… haha disingenuous…. missed that train didnt he?! hahaha lmfao at cops like that. Go back to middle school loser pig.

  8. was the machete guy robbing folks? no? then what is your "dis-in-generous" (???) reason for bring it up? officer verbal judo is Larry Wilmore's weak tea.

  9. That clown dressed in a costume, turned his head away from both times he was concerned about your safety. Can't get any more disingenuous than that. What an idiot. I would be shocked if he finished high school

  10. You say police use a traffic infraction as an excuse to stop someone and confront them, which it indeed is a legal right of the peace officer to stop someone under the executive branch for a traffic violation. But it takes a good proactive cop to investigate for any other possible crimes. It's called proactive policing, something that you are going to start seeing a lot less of with the law enforcement hate crimes increasing, law enforcement is going to start doing the bare minimum for their own safety. This may sound good to you, but it's actually very bad. Cause what happens when a cop stops someone for a traffic violation and upon approach or further investigation establishes pc to conduct a search on the vehicle and then finds meth and takes a meth head off the streets as well as meth that he could abuse later and become under the influence of, under which influence he takes the life of another human being. That's why proactive policing is a good thing more than it's a bad thing. This BMA was probably registered with LAPD's gang unit and that's why they were trying to identify any possible gang affiliated markings.

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