38 thoughts on “Cop Watcher Educates Police On How to Properly Set Up DUI Checkpoint

  1. Some people might say "you are helping drunk drivers get away". Nope, it's the opposite. If any drunk drivers had been arrested at the checkpoint they would have possibly gotten off because of the unlawful set up of the checkpoint by police. After Tom Zebra correctly set up the signs, any arrest for a DUI driver would be lawful in court. Tom Zebra helped innocent drivers avoid the checkpoint and also helped convict guilty drunk drivers and the police and public got an education about the law.

  2. I work in road maintenance. Although Dan moved the signs to the proper location the M.U.T.C.D. ( manual for uniform traffic control devices) which is the federal guideline for All Temporary traffic signs states that temporary signs must be a minimum of 3 ft from the base of the sign to the ground. federal guidelines dictate the signs are way too low and can be challenged in court. Manipulates have lost numerous lawsuits do to signs being too low to the ground and people in the industry know it's a big deal.

  3. Cops like to keep DUI/CDL on the low key and hide in the bushes. they prefer the element of surprise because it boosts their revenue intake.  Its only common sense. The more people falling into a DUI checkpoint , the more likelihood of tickets being handed out.

  4. ya know, now that this video is out there for the masses to see, it wouldn't surprise me if the cops show up @ yer door & arrest you for "interfering with their posted signs" & or theft of said signs…..something dumb & stupid on their part because we all know they like to retaliate. stay safe

  5. the signs need to be under an illumination so the signs can be seen before headlights shine onto them… in fact if I lived there, I would lobby for the signs to have their own flashing safety lights to clearly warn drivers of this like some construction signs often will before entering a construction zone… two alternating flashing lights to draw attention to the sign and change…

  6. SC has 23-31-235 – which states, "In order for a business to prohibit a CCW in their area the following must be done:

    a White circle (with a gun and a right leaning line going through the circle (crossing the gun)) positioned 42 inches from the bottom of every entrance to that business. Under that sign, (in 2 inch block lettering) No Concealed Weapons. These two must be on every entrance into the business. What I see is "no concealed weapons [one half inch tall – located at the bottom of the door, located at the upper right of the door, located at the upper left of the door, and or on the brick next to the door]. Cops have said, "if you pull a CCW in that business, I will arrest you for violating the "Spirit of the Law".".

  7. I disagree with one statement you made in the video. After the sign was moved it may now comply with the kalifornia law but no it does not comply with the constitution. I don't care where that sign is there is no way a checkpoint can comply with the united states constitution.

  8. You didn't show the other side of the cp but there should have been maybe 6 or so signs correct ? I'm thinking three on the intersection you filmed. You did not show a sign for the traffic coming straight at the the cp.

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