Complaint Investigation Verdict – Torrance Police Officer Dusty Garver

Complaint Investigation Verdict – Torrance Police Officer Dusty Garver

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39 thoughts on “Complaint Investigation Verdict – Torrance Police Officer Dusty Garver

  1. Okay, so what is going to be your next move? Did I just watch a go-nowhere video of cops getting away with abuse? I've watched a couple of yours and I haven't seen anything that would be more than laughable to the cops that violated your rights, no wonder they keep on doing it.

  2. What up katman, it's been a long time since left a message. That's how they get down remember what LAPD did to me and even though I beat them in city hall we the help of ACLU. the LAPD sent me a letter saying pretty much that I am a liar and that none of the violationstook place even though I have full video of what took place. Sergeant Jesse Garcia from the LAPD street racing task force never ennard any of their body camera footage as evidence but they did not let me give them a video copy of the incident that took place, instead they went ahead and conducted the investigation without any video evidence. It's funny how they say I lied but yet beat them in City Hall. FTP!!!πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  3. They get away with KILLING people, of course they wont find any wrong doing, come on. this is why nobody gives a crap about a cop.

  4. How dumb are they? The penal code actually says this does not include investigating law enforcement officers in the code?! Fucking government idiots

  5. Barely came across your videos. Glad to see someone in my home town holding accountability to police. Wish I had time to do the same. Keep up the good work. Torrance I assume is one of the worst in the county. Have you compared to others?

  6. unsubscribing to most of these auditors channels, too much bullshit going on out there. keeping your channel you've always seem to be more level headed than most out there. you guys lost your opportunity to create something special and pissed it all away

  7. I think you need to file on the chief and the motorcycles cops immediate supervisor too for poor training of the officer then file on the guy who sent you the bs letter then file a federal lawsuit alleging your first amendment rights were violated by the officer blinding your camera.The last thing is I would file on the IA guys after a month they are stalling just to mess you around make them pay through a complaint in their personnel record.

  8. Well yeah , you already knew what the outcome would be. As Samuel Adams said," a law made for them only" so what's next ? State AG for civil rights violations and the Bane act?

  9. You have to realize that cops operate in a different set of rules and don't really get disciplined. I went to a law library and looked up all civil lawsuits dismissed in court for legitimate damages to person and/or property.

    It seems code of conduct complaints means nothing because no damages to person and/or property. Basically a cop can do almost anything and everything if there is no damage to person and/or property because of qualified immunity and they represent the state.


    Took a year out of my life to write, but I'd like the cop watcher community to know that we're paying attention. I wore a badge for 23 years and I feel betrayed. This is not a sales pitch, but to let every activist know their work is making a difference. Be inspired by this, and take heart in knowing that WE THE PEOPLE are doing our best to help in this fight against tyranny. And remember, the pen is mightier than the sword.

    If, by chance, an oathbreaker trolls these comments – you get your ass(es) kicked in the book.

    BTW, LAPD Lts Ty Goetz and Michelle Loomis get a "dishonorable" mention, as do the killers from GARDENA, CA PD.

  11. what a load of bs,it is like they know he fucked up and they are just giving you excuses to cover for his sorry ass behavior as a officer,I think they are unprofessional and are just plain lazy in the matter in handling this situation,I hope your next step is to take it above their head.

  12. Since it's OK to shine powerful lights into people's faces, I guess it's time to get a powerful spotlight, and shine it into police faces. They clearly stated in writing that it's not a problem at all, so I'm sure they won't have any problem when they are on the receiving end.

  13. So Torrance PD created themselves a handy loophole. They've made it impossible for their officers to be found in violation of a citizen's Constitutional Rights, at least at their level. That's quite the legal maneuvering there. So basically they have nullified their oath of office. Right?

  14. I am not aware of a constitutional right that says they can't shine lights at you and your camera. They could instead carry a portable barrier to block your view of what they are doing. Now what they are doing could violate other laws, policies, acts, such as the BANE act.

    The police department generally does not do civil rights and constitutional rights. That is usually done by the State or Federal government.

  15. This is an important video. When an investigation is not followed up that means they have a clerical worker type this up, case closed filed in the waste basket.

  16. auditors…really!!! you know and we know that police do not investigate themselves in a negative light. why would you complain to them? are you too dumb to watch videos that shows this? how did you ever learn to tie your own shoes!! fuck

  17. Contact the Daily News in SFV, LA Times LA & The Signal. Torrance PD has a ultra bad reputation in many civil areas. Such as CCW and others. Good Luck The Dept is Run By Corrupt LeadersπŸ‘ΏπŸ’©

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