Free Press vs C Scene

Katman gave Officer Booth a great lesson, except she wasn’t listening…..I think Gardena, Torrance, Hawthorne and Inglewood police all responded to this incident.
News reports claim 1 man killed, 2 women shot, but from what you can see in my video, a man and a woman were shot (sent to the hospital-survived and yes 1 man inside pronounced dead) and 2 other individuals were brought out unharmed (physically)
a year ago 2 people were killed in the same home, it is suspected to be a ‘gang’ shooting according to news reports and I think with intent to intimidate possible witness’s (which wasn’t in the news).

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45 thoughts on “Free Press vs C Scene

  1. Wow, good report till they gave ya the bums rush, post this on the comunity yourube news Channel,
    And file a complaint that these guys are interfering with your ability to inform alert,, and make an honest buck,,isnt that what attorney generals do?
    Short of that, maybe a press pass hat that lights up neon?🙄😘

  2. it amazes me that police think the public is brain-dead stupid. “it’s a crime scene” and “for your safety”. nobody watching these videos believes this bullshit. police simply don’t like to be recorded because of their questionable behavior and commonplace fuckups.

  3. Will makes him so special? He talks about it's his right to videotape but when it comes the shown his face he can or will not let anybody know what he looks like that's real bullshit? again he can videotape everything and everyone else….

  4. I would like to ask a very specific question? Why is it when you video tape everybody else and right now I was watching your video and I noticed that Cat man's face is blurred out can you answer that question it's awfully funny that he loves the video tape everybody else but he doesn't want to show his face🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. Miss Laura Shark this is your last warning! I Agent Landry contacted you by phone. You were told to surrender all personal information for the other two male bicyclists. If you do not comply by 12pm today. I will contact the local Secret Service Office with the help CIA Operative Mr Crabtree to confiscate your bike!

  6. So much tax paid trash with too much of our paid time on their hands. This is the domestic terrorism our tax dollars fund across the country. #BlueISIS domestic terrorism is at large and an immediate threat to the American people.

  7. Laura is so good at this. It is a trip to watch her material and realize how much better I should be doing in my videos. I have said it before but when I watch I try to figure out exactly what she is doing that is impressing me so much. I think it is because she is so chill. Relaxed. Barely lets out a challenging laugh of confidence when threatened while dropping in a clever question that confuses those trying to confuse her.

  8. Can someone correct me on this, but if you are already in the crime scene I believe you can stay but they MUST LOG you in. You could be a witness, hold potential evidence relating to the crime etc. I believe you can stay until they deem you have no connection with what took place. You could be or have a KEY ELEMENT relating to what took place and now they removed you, what you may have or know.

    looking for clarification

  9. 6:35 Laura documented an accidental confession but the only true statement made thus far about this incident. If Katman and I weren't waiting for you to arrive Laura its likely Inglewood Police and the Mayor would have got away clean with 2 days worth of lies and millions in resources wasted on another code "H". Maybe just a lucky guess but feels like law enforcement is about to get their asses busted wide open as RoadDog50 likes to say. Thanks for your help.

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