23 thoughts on “Female Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle in West Hollywood

  1. You keep saying the sheriffs didnt stop for her…. did anyone flag them down??? how are the supposed to know that someone got hit by a car if no one tells them?? then when someone finally called 911 and the sheriffs arrived, everyone left….

  2. It seems like people dont care about crosswalks in Los Angeles
    2 kids ran over in the valley
    Cops told me I was illegal to ride the sidewalk
    I told him it was suicide to ride on the streets
    I feel like people are aiming for my bike or me !!

  3. Brother in the shorts and t shirt is all nice and sweet playin it acting like he is trying to help the chick that got hit, all the time wanting to get a shot at her friend the hot blonde in the black dress with the big booty. Sorry bro, less you are in the NBA that blonde ain't looking to hook up with you bro.

  4. 'LOOK BOTH WAYS' . It's an oldie but a goodie to this day and actually was taught to children back in the horse and /buggy/carriage/wagon days. Check the stats. There were less than half of the vehicle vs pedestrian injuries [per capita] BEFORE the law gave right-of-way to pedestrians and before folks were connected to ear buds and had their petulant pusses plastered to a cell phone 24/7. One used to have to watch the traffic .. now 'the traffic' which consists of folks operating machines from 2000 to 120,000 pounds have to watch for semi-conscious, unpredictable pedestrians. Folks used to pay attention to their surroundings and possessed a stronger sense of self preservation than the present collective sense of arrogance and self entitlement today. Common sense .. it's a hard to find trait anymore . Lawyers get rich over this sh*t every day.

  5. Whether the popo likes it or not, most states also require a report be filed when property damage exceeds $250. The popo doesn’t want to act as investigators for the insurance companies.

    Many years ago, a girlfriend was driving home from work when a person that just committed armed robbery ran across three traffic lanes, a medium strip and made it to the middle lane of opposing traffic where my girlfriend hit him.
    The robber was arrested, taken to the hospital for the broken leg and arm.
    A few weeks later the robber sued her for hitting him.

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