27 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Mother Of 6-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Says School District Mishandled Incident With Dau

  1. First quit expecting School Teachers or The School to always do the right thing… they….NEVER HAVE.. Sue Them,, Shame Them Rip Them a new one..

  2. A police report is a record, it is readily accessed and searchable, thus the child does indeed have a police record. One that states that this child now has a history of threats. UNBELIEVABLE

  3. The teacher and the principal are an embarrassment to the school. Their sense of judgement is grossly impaired. They shouldn't remain in such a position of authority or decision making. They are the biggest issue/risk in this entire ridiculous situation.

  4. Nazi teachers if you want my opinion. Absolute disgrace and that school needs closing down or the head and the pathetic teacher fired before they get some 6 year old killed by cops! This school is a danger to children imo!

  5. Schools in this country can't do shit right these days huh. So they don't realize how limited the mind is of someone with down syndrome!?

  6. The American public should raise h e l l against the idiots at this school. Run them out of their jobs. Let them dig ditches. I am sick of the people with f e e l i n g s that need attention, like pronouns, and g e n d e r changing, and introverted racism, and whatever little crybaby problem you suffer. Guess what? It's called Life. It ain't easy. It's never fair. You'll never be famous or cool. So if you can't hack it? Suck it up and grow the f–k up.

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