Joe Biden Says “I Can’t Do Anything” For Gun Violence Because Of Congress – Everything Law and Order Blog

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By phillyfinest369


33 thoughts on “Joe Biden Says “I Can’t Do Anything” For Gun Violence Because Of Congress”
  1. Anyone for ban on assault weapons deserve DONKEY OF THE DAY! guns are not allowed in school premises, murder is against the law. That won’t help anything! 😂😂😂😂

  2. The thing that doesn’t make sense is, every 2 to 4 years y’all run out in vote all these people in office that don’t remotely have your best interest. They are glorified debaters. They get nothing done and y’all get upset year after year. At the top of every year the last several years it’s been several school shootings. They don’t care and no one has even proposed a plan to stop them. I can name at least 5 school shootings the last few years off the top of my head. But this is who y’all elect. Even though I don’t like joe nor democratics, this is not in his control. Your elected officials in your state are the people that have the power to change this. Pick the people with your interests on the state level not just because you are a democrat or republican.

  3. Even if you pass a new bill…. There’s still millions on firearms out here bro I don’t know what anyone gone do about that! Easy to point fingers and call out names

  4. He's not wrong. Someone on a suicide mission is the strongest person on earth. A car could have done more damage, and it's been proven that a guy in toronto killed 10 people when he drove a van on the sidewalk. A gun wasn't needed clearly

  5. Why they think back ground checks going to stop shooting 😂😂😂the people who do the shooting most have no criminal backgrounds at all..they can legally by them

  6. What is common sense gun reform
    Whatever it is it won't change anything
    Criminals don't give a funk about gun laws,gun reform or gun rules.

  7. Gun control laws will not fix anything. Criminals don't care about laws. Gun reform will do nothing. Republicans are right. Jamal needs to take a seat. Democrats are dummb.

  8. Fighting for gun control is like fighting the "war" on drugs. The ones with the most money will win in the end. Why not teach and inform more on firearms. There's over 400,000,000 guns sold legally in the United States alone. Who knows how many more on the streets. Take guns away from law abiding citizens, the criminals will STILL have theirs. Use more security when necessary. Having security deters problems more times than none. Who cares about what our schools would look like with a few more officers on patrol or metal detectors as long as the kids safety is in place. Isn't that what it's all about, the safety of innocent children going to school not having to worry about the safety of their lives or is it the control of firearms for law abiding citizens?

  9. Another sad donkey 🤦🏽what’s common sense gun reform? That monster was of legal age to purchase those weapons and it passed a background check. What we need is a deterrent those monsters are Cowards!

  10. Charlemagne an idiot. Just say you support Kanye 2024. You going out your way to trash Biden just to seem smart and well knowledgeable.

  11. How come joebama didn’t do anything while the dems had all 3 branches of government? Can someone describe an “assault weapon” to me

  12. No amount of gun control would have stopped this person from doing what they did.They passed a federal background check to buy what they used. Criminals won't follow so called "common sense gun reform" it only effects law abiding citizens.

  13. They are trying they're hardest to disarm America but that's not the answer. All schools should have a police officer present. Where I live there is always a officer present at public schools but I notice they are not at private schools.

  14. This is such bullshit. You know damn well he can't do shit. Calling them out does nothing at all to soulless people. They don't give a damn.

    Just like Roland said…stop being Reckless when you know the deal.

  15. it sucks thats why they call him "sleepy JOE" but the issue is im sure he would get into big 💩if he name dropped. maybe even 🔫

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