Florida Company Warns Of Layoffs If Trump Doesn’t Win Presidency In Letter To Employees – Everything Law and Order Blog

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By phillyfinest369


45 thoughts on “Florida Company Warns Of Layoffs If Trump Doesn’t Win Presidency In Letter To Employees”
  1. The Key word is "COULD" this is another ignorant move to try to push ignorant ass agendas on this show. He is correct, because the capacity in which his business is ran is based on the government policies and mandates. If factories are forced to close or operate at a lower capacity then people "COULD" be layed off. That warning is much better than just laying off people at the last minute, if Bidens policies forced the country to lock down, as he stated during his campaign.

    Charlemagne can't force his opinion on people, but he sure tries hard to ensure you get your daily dose of reprogramming. Smh

  2. Ok, I waited until the end of the video before I could post this comment. Daniels is probably the most transparent employer out there, he's warning his employees of impending danger. See, this is why we as black people are always on the losing side of things, we have economists, lawyers, investors, and scientists but we let radio personalities, rappers, DJs, actors, and artists lead as the voice of our society, no other group of people does this.

    Charlemagne and his buddies don't understand that economics operates on the basis of scarcity. Hate Trump all you want but had it not been for his favorable economic policies, Daniels would not have been able to donate that 600k. If Biden assumes office with his tax plan Daniels' company will be forced to lay people off because it can't afford to pay them wages (thanks again to minimum wage).

    Lemme tell you what happens to a country when a regime with socialist leanings decides to punish highly competent people by making them pay high taxes:

    – Investors and business owners hide their money offshore before they start closing down factories and manufacturing, this increases unemployment.
    – The companies that don't close down outsource cheap labor and manufacturing from countries with no minimum wage like China and India, which increases domestic unemployment.
    – Companies that continue to operate are forced to raise prices on their goods and services (to meet high tax demands) which raises the cost of living.

    The government does not generate any wealth, it's never invented anything, it thrives on taxing private enterprises & everyday working people., it will run out of rich people to tax.
    The working class suffers the most. Trust me, for the first time since June 2020 you will have a real reason to riot and burn property. https://youtu.be/rc-bELgAowU

  3. They can't afford to pay them…oh well..more jobs and entrepreneurship is coming. Lol. They gonna fire people who know their secret sauce?? Dumb but karma vs. Karma

  4. In this pandemic where every8is having a hard time, he spent more than $600k on Campagn. He can give everyone of his 170 employees $3500 bonus each and still hVe money left in the bank. And I bet some of his employees can't make ends meet. And they wonder why the working class hate them.

  5. When you get taxes where you aren’t making money why would you keep paying people. Why should employer care about people who don’t care if their business goes under?

  6. It seems like a criminal is in the White House the commander in charge. He refused to release his tax information. That every one before him has done. He wants to be heard but don’t want anyone else to be. His actions and words speak for themselves. Liar liar pants on fire I voted for Trump found out I voted against myself and family . It seems as if he has much to hide about himself with other countries. Are we looking at the beginning of the end of the United States in plain sight. Follow the money it always show the truth. I’m just a concerned American wondering are our people blind. A blind man can see he’s taking America in the wrong direction.

  7. What needs to happen is as soon as Biden is elected they need to discontinue the military contact immediately with this company indefinitely, and never award this company with any other government contracts, on the grounds of voter intimidation. Then have the banks issue government back commercial loans to the employees for opening up there own company that will manufacture the same type of parts (redesigned to shield off patent/copyright lawsuits). Then award them with a better military contract!!!!


  8. this company government contracts should be revolted after the election to see how he got them from a kickbacks by someone in the White house that he knows

  9. isn't this against the law for a employer to threaten employees about who they vote for? it's no ones business who a person decides to vote for!

  10. I've lived in Central Florida since 1995, the weather isn't worth a damn! Severe thunderstorms everyday especially in the summer, oven like temperatures all the time, dependent on air conditioning to survive. Yeah, idk what this guy is talking about the weather being worth something, definitely not employer intimidation!

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