2 thoughts on “Eagles Fire Offensive Coordinator, Wide Receivers Coach

  1. Hey man these things happen. The owner has alot of input. Because, well frankly… they're the owners. I'm hearing luarie and Doug are beefing and Yahoo sports thinks Doug would leave over this. If that happens he does the same thing. Goes to a team . Gets his guy Nick foles who's out in Jacksonville. And build up a contender. However, Doug's a hyper passionate guy but he loves this team and city and he digs having a parking spot next the a statue of him outside the Linc. He's not going anywhere. Especially considering Andy had a decade plus. And I really hope Jim Schwartz doesn't leave. The guy ain't perfect but he's great and knowledgeable. The peanut butter and jelly that won a super bowl and made the playoffs three years in a row and have two NFC East championships together also . Fly eagles Fly! E a g l e s EAGLES!!!!!

  2. So the Eagles keep the two bums Agolar and Jefferies who can't catch a football the size of a beach ball, the old useless farts Peters and Johnson, a idiot head coach Petersen who decides to go for it on 4-3, 4-7 instead of opting for field goals. Now they use the coaches as skapegoats. Smh Lol You can't change stupid. They get rid of the wrong people like always.

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