Criminal Mastermind Dominique Green


** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

I’m combining two of my channels. These videos will be part of my Criminal Mastermind series. Today we are taking a look at Dominique Green who was arrested Sept. 2016.

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37 thoughts on “Criminal Mastermind Dominique Green

  1. Stereotypes don't just appear out of thin air, this guy is everyone of them rolled into one. Decent black people should take it on themselves to remove guys like this from their gene pool.

  2. Just gotta say… As a "reformed" criminal, I ALWAYS treated law enforcement with respect and it was ALWAYS returned! I even got out of situations, that I DEFINITELY would've went to prison for, if I acted like this! One of the only things my father used to say to me that was actually worth a damn was, "Don't get yourself pulled over for speeding or something stupid and end up with a felony. Always do the speed limit, use turn signals, and stop as soon as those lights go on IF you do end up getting caught." My dad was a no good junkie married to a retired police dispatcher. So even though I grew up following his shitty example, I really saved my future because every single time I got pulled over doing something stupid like having expired tags or no insurance, I took the fucking ticket and said thank you instead of getting hemmed up carrying dope or guns!
    Now as an adult with 5 years clean, I can actually do something with my life! And I'm not saying this works in EVERY case. I know it's only by the grace of God that I kept my nose clean til I pulled my head outta my ass! (Yea I know how that sounds 😅)
    Sorry for rambling… It's just a trigger that there's such a misinformation/stigma around complying with police and I wanted to point out the paradox of how smart it actually is in the long term, rather than blowing up a situation with that "fUcK tWeLvE" shit. Like fer sure, hate cops on your own time if you want, but is acting like a badass and flexing your google law degree REALLY worth that prison stretch? Especially if you can just suck it up and bitch out for 5-10 mins and walk away with a traffic ticket that'll most likely get dismissed cause the cop's too lazy to show up in court when you contest it!

  3. The fack that he listen to him and wss calm for all that time arguing with a grown up two your old. Whining whining crybaby!! So psychic he is

  4. "i got some shit i gotta hide" so I'm gonna act a fool in front of the police and give them a reason to search for it.

  5. Is he just showing off for his Facebook audience? His audience told him to do what they ask though. Lol. At least 1 person tried to explain that he should just do what the cops said. "We got stash spots though". Once he said that I knew he must have a good amount of drugs in that car. But if he just let the cop give him a ticket . . . ?

  6. 3:06 wait doesn't that mean he is resisting arrest sooooooo you are committing 2 crimes 4:04 if he does that would be 3 crimes on top of hiding that sugar stuff 4 as well as 5 crimes AND THEN 6 CRIMES HE IS JUST LOADED

  7. Thank god this dumb shit knows everything…this is the problem with YouTube making people think they are now a star because they can transmit their stupidity worldwide…time to understand that when you are operating a motor vehicle the license and the use of the vehicle is a privilege, not a right…Mr. Jurist Doctorate, who obviously has not mastered the English language, is now a guest of the state for being a mouthy asshole…keep up the good work fuck face…

  8. Watching this video, I am astounded at the officer's patience. The other thing is Green is prob one of those individuals that is guaranteed to have drugs on him when stopped. The officer knew that when he stopped him.

  9. I'm sorry, but is this really the spokesperson for BLM? He goes on and on about knowin the lou and continues breaking it…then when he KNOWS he's going to be arrested he yells out, "Black Lives Matter!!" REALLY??
    This guy tells his own tale…but I'm sure his problems are ALL because of racist police right? Thought he was all that…then found out he wasn't so much 'all that'.

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