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The kicker.. the chief is concerned with “welcome to taylor” LMAO

Charges are dropped – This is all of the body camera footage I can get at this time. Time Stamps from the body cameras are synced. They contain GPS info and this is a crazy stop. Escalated way too fast.

This video is for educational purposes, public domain and released by the police department.

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48 thoughts on “Taylor Michigan Police Beat man under 30 seconds for a fight with his girlfriend.”
  1. that first dude they just tortureds for no reason. It was brutal. second one wasn't much better. I hope these criminal bastards catch a bullet to the dome. the more cops there are the less safer we are. Ill take mat chances with street thugs. Ive been robbed twice. The street hoods got interrupted as I came home got a toolbox of old tools and thats all they got. the other time I was robbed was by police who took a 1000 dollar pistol. A bunch of magazines to other pistols. A playstation and all the games. A brand new leather jacket cost like 500 dollars and a grand in cash. ill take streets hoods any day its a difference of about 3000 dollars worth of property.

  2. When I look at these types of videos, I don't react emotionally or unreasonably like a lot of people in these comments and around the nation do. I react critically and reasonably, I do not wish death or spew deranged comments toward these officers and in doing so you are no better then them yourself if not worse. I only wish for officers charged and found guilty of a crime to be sentenced appropriately, no more or less than a regular person because at the end of the day they're no less human than us. They are just regular people in a stressful line of work trying to make it home after their shift. All I'm saying is that it's important to retain the humanity in you, to look at the facts and evidence and not make irrational choices or statements. Most police are good people, we only see the negative because they know it'll make us angry and it'll generate the clicks causing us to believe that it's a systematic problem when it really isn't. Here's how I see it , there's bad, evil people in all lines of work wanting to take advantage of a system. Look, we can all have a discussion about ways we can improve policing in this country, fine. Just be reasonable and rational.

  3. Punching him while hes being tazed?? If a pack of wild animals did this to me you better believe id find every last one of them and give them what they deserve, a hug and a kiss cuz i deserved it. Shame shame on me for being a bad bad boy and not complying fast enough. Teach me a lesson oh powerful servants that i may always bow to you and kiss your feet on command. Thank you oh holy officers for gracing me with your fists and stun guns. What fine brave gentlemen this country is breeding. Todays a proud day for all americans. Welcome to Taylor.

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  5. This is crazy. Feel free to use my videos. I had an encounter with the Taylor cops and beat the shit out of me over my private property. Demonic pigs!!

  6. One of my top ten life rules is pick your girlfriend wisely, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary problems.

  7. This is BS. The police are not there to hand out justice. That's for the courts. They are to apprehend the suspect and deliver them to jail. This abuse has got to stop in a civilized society.

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