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Mc Curtain County Sheriff
(580) 286-3331

Mc Curtain County commissioners office

Mc Curtain County Sheriff and commissioners are caught on recording plotting the murder of reporters that exposed their bad cops.

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44 thoughts on “Sheriff And Officials Plot To Murder Reporters Who Exposed Them”
  1. This is an unfortunate reality for many journalists today. National statistics show that Police have increased false arrests of journalists everywhere around the country. It's an epidemic of police misconduct that's rarely covered by the 'mainstream' press unless it's one of their own. Law enforcement leadership fails to train those we entrust with arrest powers, fails to train fundamental laws like our first amendment and freedom of the press. Today's law enforcement skirts rule of law as a culture, depriving individuals of rights under color of law through malicious prosecution inside kangaroo courts. That failure to comprehend basic fundamental law has created a police state that's licensed to act without restraint, while the politically powerless are imprisoned with greater ease and in greater numbers than in any other country in the world.

  2. They would spend our money and resources to settle petty scores and generate revenue. I admit I am a troublemaker but this is America. People who work for courts and LE need to stop targeting and wasting resources on anyone who dares to question them or challenge them. They will use violence WHENEVER their demands aren't met, and they'll always escalate.

  3. @James Freeman Holy frigging 💩..Although NOT surprising to me at all whatsoever. THIS is 5 minutes of absolute MUST WATCH, MUST KNOW clearly SHOWCASING the HUMAN CONDITION and where we have wound up "servants to master" ( collapsing Daddy Gov) because so conditioned and weakminded by design via Tech Progression Distraction. OH LOOK A SHINY OBJECT I CAN TAKE A SELFIE WITH!! 🙃 THANKS 4 SHARE 💯

  4. Jesus tapdancing CHRIST!
    I love that they are exposed to the public and completely humiliated. All of them are the scum of the earth.

  5. This individual has a good reputation and laugh and is not a good thing that is a good thing for me and laugh and I hope that I will happen again soon

  6. Well why wouldn't these cops think this is sanctioned behavior when we have the CIA caught and busted plotting the murder of Julian Assange when he was in the embassy and NOTHING has been done to them while Assange is being held in a Super Max prison for terrorists.

  7. I don't understand why they hate us so much what did we do to them shit and enough is enough they don't know we ready to fight back WE ARE NOT GOING WE GOING TO FIGHT BACK YOU BITCHES DON'T RUN SHIT HERE

  8. “We’ve had enough folks.”
    I agree. We have had enough.
    Police need to be held responsible for the tyranny they subject The People to.
    That includes the police unions, who do more to defend corrupt officers than LITERALLY any other agency in America.

  9. Just wow. And it will get worse before it gets better.
    Anyone else believe that these cops do not deserve US citizenship? And that they should be permanent residents of Gitmo. Because if these cops are not the definition of domestic terrorists who are? The environmental activists?

  10. Stop taking the drugs my friend,so you have free speech and freedom of the press in America,what rock have you been living under.or I guess lies and conspiracy theories in the press are free press no my friend it's all lies and smoke screens.

  11. Ever heard of mccurtain County gold? In the 70's and 80's Marijuana was the number one crop for cash in mccurtain County! Officers used to get shot at while burning crops… In the 80's Mccurtain County had more Marijuana fields than they did tourists 😂 Somebody call netflix, it would make a good series, it's like the real life Ozark series here!

  12. I remember the shooting in Houston years ago. I had heard that not only did they shoot both people and their dog but because they "feared for their lives" they knocked out a window AC so they could put a bullet into the guys head as he laid on the floor to be sure. That was when I lost my faith in all police. Then it came to light one of the cops was instigating these activities by lying and say he had a CI tell him he'd bought drugs there. There was no CI, no drugs, just a cop who wanted to play the "hero".

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