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Carmel by the Sea Police Department: (831) 624-6403
Judge Elisabeth Mineta Clerk: (831) 775-5400

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38 thoughts on “Is this police RETALIATION?! Arrested while picking up BODY CAM footage.”
  1. 28 U.S. Code § 1691 – Seal and teste of process:
    All writs and process issuing from a court of the United States shall be under the seal of the court and signed by the clerk thereof.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 646, 62 Stat. 945.)

  2. It's almost like the most important qualification to be one of these pathetic coproaches is to completely refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.
    Whether it's mistakenly busting down an innocent person's door, slamming their patrol vehicle into innocent pedestrians, or falsely arresting someone because the cops were too lazy to actually investigate, these pigs will never take responsibility for the things they do no matter how egregiously wrong.

    People can't make a cop do anything because pigs have a complete monopoly on violence..

  3. Even though they steal our money and call it tax, and give it to the enforcers(LEO) for their salaries, does NOT mean they work for us. They don't work for us. They work for the corporation that pays them, and their loyalty has been, and will continue to be, to their corporation, and their fellow blue line gang members. The Enforcer class has always, and will always, obey the orders of the ruling class no matter how evil and immoral those orders are.

    All enforcers will violate your rights in a heartbeat. There's no law, code, edict, whim, or whimper, of the ruling class, that the enforcer class will not extort, arrest, brutalize, torture, hospitalize, and/or murder you for, even if it's made up in the enforcers head.
    There's only one way things will ever change. "We the people", have been peacefully protesting for generations, and we've been voting for change in every election, and nothing is ever different. Every day we lose more and more of our rights, freedoms, and liberties'.
    They will never give our rights back to us, and will continue to take them away, one by one until they're all gone. We live in a police state just like in 1930's Germany and it's becoming more and more tyrannical and oppressive by the day. There is only one way we can get them back as history has told, over and over again. We will have to take our rights back by FORCE like we did between 1775-1782. And fought again in 1812-1815 when the British came back. No tyrannical government in the history of the earth has ever given their people freedom and liberty. The people had to destroy the people in power(Ruling class), and their enforcers (Enforcer class), to win their freedom and liberty. Our government will never give back that which they have stolen. The "Declaration of Independence" gives us the reason, power, duty, and ability, to reclaim our liberty and freedom.

    The following is for you evil and wicked order following enforcers.
    One day soon, (and I don't know what will set it off) "we the people" will start to fight back against you enforcer class. If you think you will be safe because you're ex-LEO, you're sadly mistaken. We know most of you will quit, because you're cowards. The people will not forget what you tyrants have done to us, and there's an army of people taking down names and/or address of all of you. Enjoy your lawlessness, brutality, torture and murder while you can, because the reckoning is coming soon.

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. -John F. Kennedy

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. -Thomas Jefferson

    Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

    When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. Thomas Jefferson

    “Disobedience is the true foundation of Liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”-Henry David Thorau

    The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime. – Max Stirner

    The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. –John Hay

    "All tyrants are the enemy of the people, and all order followers are tyrants". -Randy Williams

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who comes near that precious jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. When you give up that force, you are ruined. ” ― Patrick Henry

    "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my children can have peace." Thomas Paine

    To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical. – Thomas Jefferson

    “A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.”
    ― Lysander Spooner

    “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.” ~George Orwell

    “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” Lysander Spooner

    The right of a nation to kill a tyrant in case of necessity can no more be doubted than to hang a robber, or kill a flea. —John Adams

    Let this be a lesson to you to never, EVER, call enforcers to contact a loved one. So many time I've seen this mistake by well meaning family members, and then their loved one dies at the hands of the enforcer, as they watch in Horror. The next time your son might not be so lucky as to live. Now you know.

  4. America's Gestapopo —-Armed government agents given the powers to stop you and ask for your papers —–Take away your freedoms ——–Kill you if you resist—–NAZIS

  5. All enforcers(LEO) in our country are trained to hate the people and to think of us as nothing but animals, and their enemy. They have a loathing hate for the auditors/activist the most, because they expose them for the traitors and tyrants that they truly are.
    The following is how they're trained and I call it = Police Brutality in Our Police State
    The sad fact is that enforcers(LEO) do not know, nor do they want to know, that they are agents acting on behalf of a corporate government, and a ruling class that resents and begrudges both human and constitutional rights. Instead…very shortly after being given a position of authority, enforcers(LEO) quickly fall into the miry numbness of day-to-day bureaucratic and systematic processes meant to dull their minds and their senses and they become pre-programmed shells of what they once were. The tyranny and oppression they deliver to the people is the enforcers fault, because they allow it. They are the tool the tyrannical masters use to dispose of and annihilate any who would dare to not be sheep or dare to question the order, existence or behavior of the "legal" process.
    Look into Stanford prison experiment and the Milgram experiment. These two are an eye opener of what regular people are capable of doing to each other when they obey perceived authority figures.
    One of the most popular police trainers in the United States is Dave Grossman. He teaches a seminar called, "Killology." In his seminar he teaches cops and their trainers that there are only two kinds of citizens: Sheep or Wolves. There are so many things wrong with this line of thinking. Besides teaching cops to see people as animals, not as people, he is also teaching them that if a person does not act like a sheep, they must be a wolf and, according to Grossman, wolves must die. It is disgusting and degrading for the corporate government to see its citizens in such a dark way. Here is a link to the training:
    Also, we need not wonder why the police target Black Americans. Because even if a Black American falls into the "sheep" category, they are seen as "black sheep." This then causes a double bind for Black folks when dealing with law enforcement.

    How about a dose of truth about US Law Enforcement:
    1) The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have NO DUTY to protect the public.
    Also here =
    And here =
    2) The Supreme Court has said that the police do not have to understand the laws they are sworn to protect;
    3) The Supreme Court has said that the police are allowed to make "reasonable mistakes" even to the point of killing someone;
    Shoot first, think later=
    4) The Supreme Court has said that police are allowed to lie and be deceptive;
    5) The Supreme Court has ruled that enforcers can arrest you for any reason, no matter how trivial that reason happens to be. example- If you don't wear your seatbelt, or turn on you turn signal at least 100 feet before a turn, then the enforcer can throw you in a cage. Your 4th amendment right is null and void now. Atwater v. Lago Vista, 532 U.S. 318 (2001)
    6) The enforcers(police) in the United States investigate themselves when something goes wrong and…surprise, surprise…they’ll find that they did nothing wrong. It is human nature to, at first, get into a profession to "help people" and then, once there, realize that nobody else in that profession is helping people and that everyone else in that profession is getting away with as much as they can as often as they can and just waiting for that glorious, glorious day when they can get a state retirement and suck at the taxpayers teat for doing nothing while at the same time brag about how they "served their community" and expect people to still thank them for their service.
    Why do enforcers(LEO) shoot and kill people? To have the best sex of their lives. One of the most respected and utilized enforcer(LEO) trainers in America (Dave Grossman – Look him up) tells the thousands of enforcement(LEO) trainers that he trains, that if they shoot and kill someone, they will have the best sex of their lives. He also says, "Both partners are very invested in some intense sex." He also says that cops should, after shooting and killing someone, "Relax and enjoy it." Demented, Sick, Disturbing, and Twisted. Such is the state of law enforcement.
    My biggest concern is that people find out who the number one enforcer(LEO) trainer is in the US – Dave Grossman…his training is turning cops into paranoid warriors, who see all civilians as threats, whose sole purpose is to kill enforcers(LEO). Every citizen is guilty. Every citizen needs to be challenged, questioned, interrogated, identified and categorized into either "less of a threat" or "deadly threat." Any citizen who challenges, questions or refuses a cop's commands or demands automatically becomes a "wolf" and, in Grossman's words, "Wolves need to die" either through deprivation of liberty(prison) or outright extermination. There is no such thing as "community policing" or "protecting and serving" any longer. From the moment an officer gets up in the morning until he or she goes to sleep at night…there is only surviving and God help anyone who threatens that survival…whether it is a real or perceived threat. And non-compliance, suspicious behavior, or even abnormal behavior is seen as a threat.

  6. This shows you how power-hungry these cops are now they think they can sign a warrant without a judge's approval, this is trying to intimidate someone from filing a complaint.

  7. "I asked you nicely many times. I didn't want to do it but you forced me to do it." Rapist mentality. You must be a mental case to be a cop today. I think it's an actual requirement. Cops earning the hate. FTP.

  8. Cops appear to be mostly sadistic thugs who enjoy violent aggression to satisfy their addiction to violence, at the expense of logic and morality and servitude to the public . . .
    . . .not sure how you guys sleep at night.

  9. No joke. i went to city halll asked for a foia. left all was well. 2 weeks later cop at my door asking for that foia and telling me im trespassed from all my local gov offices. they trying to intimidate. ima push it.

  10. WTP originally granted law enforcement LIMITED AUTHORITY OVER LAWBREAKERS. They quickly created a secret society for themselves (Blueline Brotherhood) and then manipulated that LIMITED AUTHORITY into an UNLIMITED AUTHORITY OVER EVERYONE. They were then able to grant themselves the unconstitutional authority of Internal Investigation. An unchecked (or self-checked) govt is more lawless than street gangs and organized crime families. Police policing police is a FAILED experiment! WTP MUST CREATE CITIZEN POLICING FORCES FOR THE SPECIFIC PURPOSE OF OVERSEEING OUR ROGUE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES!!! This current, manipulated system is no more honest or legitimate than a Midieval king’s law enforcers. IT IS TIME TO PULL THE PLUG ON A FAILED SYSTEM!!! Furthermore, WHY T F DID WE EVER ALLOW PUBLIC SERVANTS TO CREATE UNIONS?!?!

  11. Meanwhile BLM thugs are running around starting fires and destroying property but that’s ok but you definitely can’t be white on a beach.

  12. There are only two ways for humans to resolve conflict; words or warfare.

    Words don't work with badged terrorists. They never have.

    It is long past time for commoners to distribute misery and mayhem to their captors.

    I avoid engaging with badged terrorists because they are morally vacant psychopaths and I don't take pleasure in hurting people.

    However, if they attempt to abuse me or my family, you'll read it in the news.

  13. police are hurting themselves more & more every day, soon they will need a 4-year degree w/2 years of social interaction training
    so, keep recording.

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