Farmington NM police get wrong address and murder the home owner – Graphic murder – Everything Law and Order Blog

body cam footage of Farmington New Mexico Police going to the wrong house and murdering the home owner

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By phillyfinest369


24 thoughts on “Farmington NM police get wrong address and murder the home owner – Graphic murder”
  1. Perry Mason Episode
    'Check Yourself' ™️

    Why should / shan't New Mexico State Law (from Governor to Farmington peon) allow tampering with critical evidentiary discovery materials for absolutely predictable multiple court hearings❓

    Published Peace Officer Body Cams 1, 2, 3 etc. Approved By 🚨 ✔️

    Local Community Safety, Agitated ✔️

    Change of Venue, Denied ❌

    Right to Public Hearing, Denied ❌

    Charges Dropped, Lack of Evidence ✔️

    I just hope the poor bastard was well liked in his community as it will be the only thing that saves his soul and gives his family peace ☮️

    ••• That and 12 Angry Men ⚖️

  2. this feels like a legit shooting to me. anyone that answers their door by pointing a gun at people is being stupid. wrong address has nothing to do with it. not sure about the second shooting cause I can't see it. someone knocking on your front door at night does not give you the right to point a loaded gun at them

  3. Total bull shitz…..these keystone cops get one week to do their reports. "Hebbe said body camera footage will be released after the officers provide their statements. They are expected to do so within a week." That's right, one week and I'm sure using it to build and rethink thier lies.

  4. This is the mose sickening thing I seen from the tyrant's in blue in a while, there was zero need to blind the ppl with the light, they did not knock like police usually knock, they 99.9999% of the time sound like they are attempting to knock the door down, they should confirm address before knocking on a door in the middle of the night, every thing the cops did from when they were driving down the road was WRONG! They should confirm the address, before getting out the car, and it's the middle of the night, they should have turned on a couple police lights, Fred blue what ever color they use, this is a prime example of why cops do not need to. Carry lethal rounds, besides, there is zero reason why they could not run for cover , saying sheriffs department, police what ever they are, and identify, anything but blind the ppl opening the door,,. Point Is, that shooting happened because they wanted it to happen, I can see several ways it could been handled without shooting anyone! l trigger happy tyrants,. They know worse case they will get a couple years in jail, best case they will get a long paid vacation, they need fear of punishment of their CRIMES,
    They all need 20+ years zero doubts at all, if I did that , id be expecting to go away for atleast 20 years, even as a cop I'd be expecting it, that came so easy, he wanted to shoot, like it's not even the 3rd time he offed a innocent person guarding their property, , you go sneaking around mid night, then blind them instead of identifying as police, then mag dump on them , this make me friggin angry, and sick, they should of yelled police soon as the door opened, and their lights should been flashing, but the corrupt tyrant blue line gangsters will lie and cover for them, and spend 100's of thousands of tax dollars to protect them in court, the family should get $500 million per shot fired! Paid over 20 years, and the cops should pay $1 per week to each family member, with a hand written check , saying what it's for, what he did, murder a innocent person in their home, when he had NO business even being at! These cops deserve prison time in the term of years, if there is any justice,. Any honesty, and any respectability at all left in the ppl of the court, this was totally uncalled for, totally avoidable, these gun happy cops will be shooting their shadow next, FOR OFFICER SAFETY, tyrant cowards useless and do nothing unless they want to shoot it!! When was the last time a cop actually helped someone, 9/22/2001?? And what did they do then, there is no more slaves, disband the slave catcher/police, heck we can shoot out selves and not put up with the abuse and harassment!!⚖️ We need justice, they belong in prison, they are training cops to be killers nothing else, they watch ppl drown, they watch ppl harass, assault ppl and destroy their property, let ppl kill women and children, and do nothing but stop ppl from saving the kids! Honest justice will see these cops in prison for 20 years, there is no excuse for shooting these ppl, they should of been yelling police, soon as the door opened, and took cover, what would the police do , if it was reversed, they would get the death penalty, like the cop who killed the lady through her own window after sneaking into her yard in a similar situation, on a wellness check, first thing he said , will I be paid on my time off, WTF!!! Who hires these evil ppl!!
    EVIL is the only thing to describe the trigger happy. Murderers , murder of a innocent person in their home simple as it can get, nothing else, 200% avoidable, man I'm angry!!

  5. Earlier the same day that this man was murdered, two employees at a Farmington salvage yard were found dead. The man killed in his front door just happened to be an employee of the same salvage yard.


  6. They knew they were at the wrong house and should’ve left and went to the right address but chose to stay and engage instead of retreating! Murdered an innocent man and almost killed the wife. IMO that’s murder plus they were trespassing bc they weren’t called for service at that address. I’m gutted !😡😡😡

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