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By phillyfinest369


36 thoughts on “Cop Shooting Your Dog VS. You Shooting Cop’s Dog”
  1. Last fall we had the cops in our neighborhood looking for a little girl (who wasn't actually missing thankfully) and there was a dog INSIDE A FENCE barking at all the commotion, and this fucking pig says right there in front of everyone to another officer "if that dog gets out shoot it", WTAF?! Why are these brave hero cops always so scared of dogs? Make it make sense. 😡🤬😡

  2. Everything the police and so-called law enforcement due is a double standard, most are on their cell phones, don't wear their seat belt, have tuned windows, speed, drive recklessly endangering people's lives, expired registration… And that is them not even getting out of the vehicle… I hate a hypocrite but even more so when they are so-called law enforcement. They do what would be the equivalent of a firefighter starting a fire, putting it out and then arresting you for not being appreciative.

  3. P.O.S. cops whatever you do to me and my family, expect the same in return to yours, It's not a fair system, and cops will soon learn to respect people and their animals, because if they don't all hell is going to break loose, so get ready.

  4. I always end up having to delete my comments because seeing people being bullied makes me so furious. I dont understand how someone can have so little empathy and responsibility. If i hurt someones dog i would be so apologetic and do what i could to make it right.

  5. Thanks James. I was hoping someone would bring this obvious double standard to light.
    We all know it's a double standard and there are other double standards but these are so Massively! Grotesque double standards that it needs to be addressed.
    Even if you fight back because a canine is released on you even though you are not resisting you are charged with assaulting an officer if you try to fight the dog off.
    And yet they could shoot an innocent dog wagging its tail and completely get away with it.
    Sometimes I think it's more disgusting than what they get away with on humans😡😡😡

  6. I noticed cops killing innocent dogs because their are too chicken 💩 to be out in public with dogs. If a citizen sees a dog off lease, can we just shoot them? NO! ! It is so ignorant.

    I also notice a double standard when cops get injured, their police buddies will throw them into cop cars and RUSH them to the hospital. When a citizen gets injured, they can lay their butts down and wait 30 minutes for the ambulance to get there. The way these pigs 🐖 act is sickening.

  7. Was just arrested last Thursday, for PWISMD Sch 1 (this ALLEGEDLY happened on 12/15/2022). I wasn't going to answer the door, so they went & got a search warrant & opened the door. They said they were sending the dog & like I told them, that would be a mistake. He would be a dead pooch. They did not send the dog, as that's the last thing that dog would have done.* I had them sitting outside, hitting the siren & talking on the PA system for a little over 2 hours LMAO. They were pissed. I thought it was funny. Then, I bonded out 30 mins later.

  8. And a big difference, the police dog is there to attack and cause bodily harm. Where as many of these dogs getting shot by police are non-threatening, playful, etc.

  9. Exactly the same senario if its one of us. There isn't a resource that they won't use to find who shot a cop including a full blown man hunt or a helicopter swat team but it is you or I we're considered a statistic. Theres always been a double standard and always will be. Freeman just sheds a bright light on the hypocrisy. Cops = thugs with badges that will literally ANYTHING they are ordered to do by whomever writes their check. Our government just plain old sucks. But keep in mind it is all done by design. The 1 world government is just around the corner we're only a few more false away from it.

  10. 6ft 3inches of Brawny cop with a big mouth armed to the gunnels, I never knew one could stack shit that high, Cops are that thick they can't figure out a situation quickly, Dumb, plain Dumb.

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