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Carroll, Iowa — On March 5, 2021, Carroll Police Officer Patrick McCarty saw 29-year-old Dennis Guider Jr. in the passenger seat of a car at a restaurant drive-through. Around 1:00 p.m. Officer McCarty stopped the vehicle and indicated Guider was facing arrest for a forgery case in Illinois. Officer McCarty asked Guider to step out of the vehicle. A minute later, Guider opened the driver door of the car and pushed out a woman who had been driving the vehicle. Guider refused to comply with officers’ commands to exit a vehicle and attempted to flee in the car. As he fled, the officer ended up on the hood of the suspect’s car.

Authorities say Guider reached speeds up to 60 mph with the officer still on the hood before striking a culvert and throwing the officer from the vehicle, resulting in serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Officer McCarty suffered a broken vertebrae in his back. The officer was treated at St. Anthony Regional Hospital and released that day. Guider was later located in Chicago Heights, Illinois after ditching his original vehicle and stealing another vehicle from a garage with the keys left inside. District Associate Judge Joseph McCarville sentenced Guider to up to five years of prison to be served separately from the Illinois incarceration. Guider was wanted in Illinois for violating his parole for burglary and fraud. He had been sentenced to up to six years in prison and was paroled in July 2019, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “Traffic Stop Ends With Driver Speeding Off With Cop On Top Of Car Hood”
  1. Pretty sure they teach not to do that, but then again, they also teach you to uphold the constitution. Lots of cops forget the latter, but this one forgot to not stand infront of a runner

  2. I fail to understand why the police officer didn't empty his gun into this criminal maniac when he started charging him with the car.

  3. Cadet Tackleberry there did his training at Hollywood "Police Academy "
    Whoever interviewed him for the job, didn't carch the subtly sarcastic joke in his resumé and offered him the position before discussing his qualifications.

  4. I will forever think it is stupid for a cop to stand in front of a suspect car/climb onto the car. Rather they have the right to shoot or not it is still stupid and unnecessarily dangerous.

  5. the amount of trigger discipline in this video is insane. he had all the reasons in the world to shoot and disable that guy when the car was driven forward

  6. why do these officers in the USA, keep standing infront of cars that clearly wanna escape and then jump on them, like its some hollywood movie.. dont the US police get any education.
    You just told him he was going to jail, hence some warrant, and not many wanna go to jail, not least US jails, and certainly not if he has an drugaddiction etc, they often get desperate to not get sick, and its not like its an active shooter that you need to get neutralized for the greater good.
    Very weird policework, that does the exact thing you shall not do, by escalating an otherwise harmless situation (trafficstop) by getting yourself into harms way.
    You have him identified, why escalate it by jumping infront and then onto the car with guns drawn, its like these US cops are simply winging it on what they have seen in some movies, or maybe their ego is just out of this world.

  7. Could’ve shot him, but sadly I’m sure his hesitancy came from not wanting to be placed in a jail cell by some virtue signaling progressive prosecutor for killing ‘a good boy’ who was just ‘starting to turn his life around’.

  8. That was a pretty dumb move on the officer's part. There's no way I'm standing in front of a suspects' vehicle while he's trying to pull away. On top of that, what is the point of drawing your service weapon if you don't use it?? SMH. Luckily, he lived, but that was pretty dumb..

  9. I'm honestly surprised he didn't open fire after he started to accelerate again after slowing down for the first couple seconds

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