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From the report of Officer Andrea Castaneda, lightly edited to remove some identifying information and to not aggravate the algorithm:

“On September 1, 2022, at approximately 1214 hours, I responded to a location in reference to weapons.

Upon arrival, I was flagged down by a female who was later identified as Nadien Chavez. Ms. Chavez stated that her mother was having issues with a male named Bob. She stated that Bob would continuously knock on her door and walk away. She confronted him at his apartment. She told him to leave her mom alone to which he stated, “F You” and closed the door. Ms. Chavez stated she kicked the door. He opened the door and had a black object in his hand. She and her boyfriend then walked away after a verbal confrontation.

I then made contact with the male, who was later identified as Robert Ewing. He stated he was in a sexual relationship with Ms. Chavez’ aunt who lives two doors to the right from his apartment. He stated that Ms. Chavez’s mom “needed to get F’ed”, because she was bothered that he was tapping on her window. Officer Joshua Nanez asked Mr. Ewing if that’s how he talked to ladies. Mr. Ewing got confrontational and began to walk towards Officer Nanez. Mr. Ewing calmed down and walked us to his apartment so we can see if there was any damage done to the door. I observed no damaged done to the door other than his bike marks on the bottom of his door. I asked Mr. Ewing to explain what occurred. He stated that Ms. Chavez approached his apartment, knocked, and confronted him about making vulgar statements that her mother “needed to get f’ed”. He replied, “F You” and closed the door. He stated she hit the door, opened it again and by this time, a male, who was later identified as Samuel Nolasco, pulled out a gun. Mr. Ewing stated he was in shock and they both walked away.

I asked him about some conflicting statements. At first, Mr. Ewing stated that Mr. Nolasco was standing on the left side of the door frame, not visible, and after he slammed the door and opened it again, he brandished a weapon. He later then stated that when he slammed the door and the female banged on it, he opened it. Mr. Nolasco and the female were walking away then Mr. Nolasco turned around, grabbing towards his lower back and brandished the weapon. I asked which one had occurred since he kept having conflicting statements amongst them. He finally stated that Mr. Nolasco brandished a weapon as they were walking away. Mr. Ewing wanted to know what possible charges were at hand. I notified him that it was still an ongoing investigation and Mr. Nalosco still needed to be questioned.

I later made contact with the male, Mr. Nolasco. I asked him to explain to me what had occurred. He stated he accompanied Ms. Chavez to Mr. Ewing’s apartment, where she knocked. Mr. Ewing got vulgar. He stepped in and then Mr. Ewing slammed the door and Ms. Chavez kicked the door. Mr. Ewing then opened the door. Mr. Nolasco stated he walked into the kitchen and came back with a black cylindrical object in his hand. They both walked away in which Mr. Nolasco pretended to put his hand behind his waistband, telling him to back away. He stated he does not own a gun and was pretending to have something so Mr. Ewing would not close distance on them.

Then contacted the manager, who was later identified as Lisa. I asked Lisa if she was aware of any of the incident and she stated no. She stated Mr. Ewing’s neighbor to the right was making complaints on him but was not aware about the ongoing situation between Mr. Ewing and Ms. Chavez’s mother.

I then made contact with the maintenance man, named Paul, who also notified us that Mr. Ewing is a disturbance and is just knocking on windows and doors. He stated that Mr. Ewing can get a little bit verbal with the tenants living in the apartment complex.

I then went back to service.

No further information.”


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  1. I'm pretty sure it's sexual harassment telling anyone to "fck themself"?.. And an arrestable offense, in a situation like this where the suspect admits it, and is otherwise already acting criminally.

  2. This chick and her husband are liars! The husband left because HE HAD A GUN! He left to get rid of it. It’s obvious!!! The old guy is telling the truth. The nurse and realtor are full of themselves and trouble makers!

  3. Young girl got this whole messed stirred up! Her mom prob told her that bob said “ she could get fucked” , then miss prissy goes to his door ( with boyfriend) and goes off on him🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  4. I didn’t notice that the “ speech police” officer said anything to the young girl who admitted to cussing the old man! 🤦‍♀️ double standard much!

  5. Not to defend cops, but since I don't defend cops on any other day, I would think it's easier to empathize with these cops — that the comments section is tearing to shreds — when you think about what it's like to be a cop for years at a time and the kind of people you encounter. No surprise that they show some "bias" here

  6. Canadian here. Why is it that the far right wing dudes always say free speech and my rights, but when someone is saying the same thing to them it's shut up shut up. I wish she had pulled a gun on that mfer.

  7. You know, That “drunk, disrespectful” guy Bob is the only one worth a damn in this one. 😂 the rest of these children got their feelings all in a bundle, having their pity party, nobody even checked for a gun.

  8. A Karen daughter, a Ken doll boyfriend, a hot header boomer, a snowflake/white knight cop and a bleeder cop all equate to our time wasted

  9. Unpopular opinion evidently, but I thought the cops did a fine job. Both parties are assholes. Just nice to see a moral compass.

  10. So they just believed the bf when he says he acted like he had a gun? Horrible police work, completely biased by how the old dude acted.

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