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Los Angeles, California — On February 8, 2023, at around 5:15 a.m., North Hollywood Area uniformed patrol officers responded to a radio call at the 5600 block of Denny Avenue for an “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” (ADW) suspect. The radio call indicated the suspect, later identified as Jonathan Mitrani, 31-years-old, was armed with a knife and under the influence of alcohol and narcotics. The officers arrived at the location and observed Mitrani, armed with a knife, standing next to a person on the sidewalk. The officers immediately gave verbal commands to Mitrani to drop the knife. Mitrani refused to comply with the commands and moved towards an officer resulting in the deployment of a TASER and Beanbag Shotgun. Both less lethal munitions were ineffective, and Mitrani ran south to Burbank Boulevard. The officers followed Mitrani, who was still armed with the knife, which resulted in a second and third deployment of the Beanbag Shotgun.

This again proved ineffective, and Mitrani ran back toward the officers. An additional TASER deployment was utilized again with no effect. At this time one officer drove his police vehicle approximately 3-5 miles per hour and intentionally struck Mitrani to stop his actions. Mitrani fell to the ground and immediately stood up, still holding the knife and ran directly at the officers. A takedown to the ground was conducted by one of the officers, and Mitrani was subsequently disarmed and taken into custody. Mitrani was transported to a local hospital by paramedics where he was treated for excessive vomiting as a result of intoxication and medically cleared for booking. Mitrani was booked on an open charge of ADW on a Police Officer with a Knife. One officer received abrasions to his left hand and both knees. A pocketknife with a four-inch blade was recovered at scene.

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0:00 – 911 Call
3:38 – Bodycam: Officer #1
4:29 – Bodycam: Officer #2
7:23 – Bodycam: Officer #3
8:31 – Bodycam: Officer #4
8:40 – Bodycam: Officer #5

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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36 thoughts on “LAPD Cops Use Bean Bags, Taser and a Cruiser To Arrest Knife-Wielding Man”
  1. Could this be the guy who stabbed two people, killing one in the last week in the El Sereno area of LA? He sure looks like the photos of that suspect.

  2. WOW !!
    I usually point out how Differently Cops treat White People vs Brown/Black People BUT This video Takes the Cake.
    4:21 If That was a Brown or Black Guy Running towards the Cops with a KNIFE They 100% Would've ALL SHOT & KILLED HIM!
    There's TONS of VIDEOS of COPS KILLING BROWN and BLACK PEOPLE for having a PHONE or KEYS or a PEN in their hand and Taking
    1 SINGLE STEP Towards the Cops General Direction !!!!!
    It's a Absolutely 110% Undeniable FACT that Cops Treat Minorites Horrifically and Won't Hesitate to SHOOT & KILL THEM for the SMALLEST of Reasons Whereas White suspects can Almost Always Count on their WHITE PRIVILEGE to NOT get EXECUTED by a Group of Cops!!!!!

  3. I gotta give that man half credit, I don't think he spilled an ounce of that beer. He was on the ground getting tazed and still found a chance to take a swig.

  4. That guy felt no pain. The bean bags and tasers had zero effect on him. He’s lucky it ended the way it did. Props to the officer for using the cop car to knock him over

  5. They should have shot this creep. He was well within lethal range of people with that knife dozens of times. It’s not good that police are using this much restraint. It’s going to result in unnecessary innocent deaths. In fact, it probably already has.

  6. "what are you doing"
    The car "Sir. Finishing this chase"

    Love seeing when a cruiser is used to stop a suspect. Or when a cop runs from outta nowhere and drops their ass.

  7. All of those officers need to go back to school and train all over again. So many people trying to take over and with all of the confusion their instincts were on deaf ears. And still someone got stabbed. That was terrible.

  8. I’m all go for cops,but here in my opinion with the information that the lady gave on the phone two cops with a formation in psychosis situation would’ve been a lot more effective!

  9. He knew it he really saw it before coming
    Good job to the police department bravo and I Hope Johnathan feels better now

  10. I’m kinda glad they didn’t give him the Bonnie & Klide treatment. He looked like he just wanted to get away. As for the less lethal stuff it seems worthless. Did you ever see those netguns? They work better and they are available. Good job guys.

  11. Should have just fucking shot him but since this is LA they treat him like some innocent child so they can waste money to fix him up then let him right back out to do the same shit again and again. If they had shot him and he lived he MIGHT have finally had something to motivate him to not be a drugged up piece of shit.

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