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Police Complaint Investigation Completed – The Verdict

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41 thoughts on “Police Complaint Investigation Completed – The Verdict”
  1. Redondo Beach Police Department clearly does not want any transparency or accountability. You have done a great job exposing this fact.

  2. If you fill out the complaint online, make sure you get a return copy by email.

    Check it thoroughly, as they might alter the format to make it look like one giant block of unreadable text, that they then pass on to the adjudicator of the complaint.

    They remove the interline spacing, and all the carriage returns. Similar to the way YouTube sends comments to you sometimes as a block of un-formatted text in the hopes you will be swayed into ignoring it, due to the hard to read nature of the text content with no formatting.

    They do it so the adjudicator of the complaint has difficulty reading the complaint, and by such pressure, basically is unethically swayed into processing the complaint as quickly as possible without proper correct attention to the complaint contents, or it's true meaning and the intended way the information is intended to be presented.

    They do it to basically Psychologically attack the adjudicator, so the Police Force does not have to answer to the full extent of their actions.

    The processes is just as unethical as unethically impeding a court Judge in order to pervert the course of justice.

    Don't trust them, they are misrepresenting your data, and then passing it on the the complaint adjudicator!

    That is called unethically tampering with evidence, and it is unethically prejudice to the submission of evidence. If tabled in a court of law, the judge has no choice but to award the complainant.

  3. Eleven months. It didn’t take that long for the cop to get out of the academy. It would be easier if they just admit they aren’t going to do anything.

  4. So they sat on it for a year hoping you would just go away, but then you showed up to the department and they had to do just trot out the usual bullshit.
    It sure is encouraging to know that the police take complaints seriously! /s

  5. That cop is trying to hard to discourage him and gives him pre-excuses for why they won't move forward on it. They are definitely pissed about him posting the video on YouTube. This is why they have such a bad PR problem combined with other situations. It's all these things combined. The only way to affect chance and behavior is to remove they're immunity and allow victims to sue the unions if they in any way condone, encourage or block any disciplinary actions.

  6. Local law enforcement are experts on the work around and using bureaucracy to block or get around things especially complaints and anything that keeps them accountable. This is why there needs to be an independent third-party civilian agency that can take complaints from the public on officers.

  7. Pigs investigating pigs….obviously a situation that doesn't work.
    Pigs hate cameras, hate being held accountable, and love flexing their power to the greatest advantage offered to them alone!!

  8. It appears to me this cop is very talented at playing games. He advances to the intermediate level of “ Duck-Duck-Goose,” “Dodge Ball,” and “Ring-Around-the-Rosie.” Do they take courses or is it just on the job training? [Granny Gear ⚙️ jests]

  9. Seems like the officer was trying to be very nice and not waste the time of the complainant with interviews and evidence when they can quite simply find the complaint unfounded without any such nonsense. It's so much simpler to just follow the normal procedures of making the complaint they ignore it and move on.

  10. You need to file criminal complaints not complaints with internal affairs. Internal Affairs complaints are not due process in the courts any officer who tries to steer your criminal complaint against another officer away from the criminal courts is shielding from prosecution. Any public official who deprives your right to record public officials performing their official duties on public property is also guilty of the confirmation of First Amendment rights and tampering with victim witness or informant.

  11. It has been said before, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority." – John Dalberg-Acton. However, I think that our politicians have forgotten in the mess we have currently. When did we just arbitrarily hand over to the police the right to govern, and judge itself? Who watches the watchers? We have given them more power than the President Of these United states. And for what? Tyranny, oppression, and to be told where to stand? No more, not ever, and never go into this without knowing all about what they are allowed to do. Otherwise it's just another gang determined to violate you!

  12. We sure don't want you to video in here, or anywhere else. We will investigate and decide that you are at fault, but that will be later. I have done plenty of complaints forms and always find we did no wrong. Have a good day.

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