37 thoughts on “Cop Watch

  1. What if the guy doesn’t have enough money, to pay his fine. Then have to get into the system, too take care of it.. like so many others.Even the ones that hasn’t broken the law. Or if the offense was right on the line. But cop give him big ticket he can’t pay.Its so many law out the I dare say every person out there, will break at least 3 laws going to work every morning. Every other that stay close to home will also through out the day. Cops are no exemption, they break at least 5 laws, knowingly every morning. Or through the day !!!!!

  2. Incredibly fit officer. Catch me if u can. Nice job James. Prayers always sent from NY. I just taught two pigs yesterday about truth. Yet another one that parks in firelanes and tickets others for same thing. And I fly a sign with bible scriptures and that's two of my 1st amendment rights ..freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Keep up great work bro..some of those children may be in his house.
    Was he speeding like Chris farly

  3. You're being censored brother.. i was watching NNP, and in the comments someone brought up how you should be there as back up to not let him get pushed around as much as he does currently.. upon seeing that, and thinking how i havent seen one of your vids in a while i searched you up and found out i had been completely unsubbed from you! But i resubbed, and again, hit the bell for all the latest! God Bless brother and be safe!

  4. That beard looks as comfortable as hell! Omg james…. or whatever your name is…. you'll sleep so much better when you cut it off, i just got rid of two feet of hair on my head…. feels great, not in mouth, ears, or eyes….. but to each his own…. keep on focking with the coppers. We need you to stay here in Texas, they need work in every city, town, and county. THANKS

  5. So, what you are saying is that LEO's should ignore the laws to make you happy? I'm a tax payer and I prefer to have these types of actions are needed, especially in AZ. Become a cop if you want to make a difference.

  6. Yeah so true that we all want people doing what ever they want on the road. Like speeding and not signaling their turns. Both by the way endanger people around them. Admitting that one has done wrong is a show of maturity. Not boot licking. Other than that I love what you and other Auditors are doing.

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