12 thoughts on “Controversial Frank Rizzo Statue In Center City Removed Overnight

  1. Brought to you by George Soros!!!! Kenny is such an a******!!!! God bless Frank Rizzo, Philadelphia's Greatest Mayor!!!! He kept everyone safe, Baxter out!!!!🖕👎👊👏💩🤖👽👻☠💀👺👹👿😈☻😠

  2. Кум докушал огурец, И закончил с мукою :

    "Оказался наш Отец, Не отцом, а сукою…"

    Полный, братцы, ататуй! Панихида с танцами!

    И приказано статуй, За ночь снять со станции.

  3. Give these jackass protesters brooms, have them sweep up or something useful start handing them trash bags. Frank Rizzo is the man .god bless him and what he stands for . A no nonsense Philadelphia.

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