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Chamique Holdsclaw’s legendary status was apparent from the moment she entered professional sports. After helping the US National Team win the Gold Medal in the 1998 Berlin Olympics, Holdsclaw was named Rookie of the Year in her first WNBA season. Her talent on the court and success in the WNBA projected an image of stability, but away from the cameras, Holdsclaw struggled with her mental health. On this episode of Edge of Sports, Holdsclaw speaks frankly about her struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, and fame. Elsewhere in the episode, Dave rails against the “anti-woke” Trumpist response to the US Women’s National Soccer Team’s loss at the FIFA World Cup, and Dr. Abdullah Al Arian joins “Ask a Sports Scholar” to talk about soccer in the Middle East.

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5 thoughts on “Chamique Holdsclaw on depression and fame | Edge of Sports

  1. Respectfully, I don't think you're reading the room with your analysis of "reactionary defeatism." When you look at the attitude of the most vocal members of the US Women's National Soccer Team' which is even mirrored in your question to Ms. Holdsclaw, "What fills you with the most pride?" She responded that "…I've been able to overcome, find balance, find happiness, contribute to other's happiness in a positive way…" Compare Megan Rapinoe’s answer when asked if there was one memory that stood out from her entire career as an international footballer: "Probably equal pay chance. This team has always fought for so much more, and that’s been the most rewarding part for me. Of course, playing in World Cups and European Championships, and doing all that… but to know we’ve used our really special talent to do something that’s really changed the world forever, that means the most to me."

    In fairness, Ms. Holdsclaw's response is far less narcissistic, particularly given her struggles, but one would expect the answer to be something like representing my country, which I love dearly despite its flaws and work still needed. I think that when you have a US National Team, which purportedly represents the US, you would not list getting paid more than men as your biggest accomplishment, notwithstanding that she is peddling a falsehood as the Women’s National Team lost their lawsuit in of all places, California before the 9th District Court and lost their appeal. See I’d also look at the case of Brittney Griner, who has been notably quiet since her return from Russia’s nouveau gulags.

    Further, given the team’s refusal to visit the White House under Trump, but accept invitations under Obama and Biden who arguably have done more collectively to harm black and brown people, refuse to stand, sing, or cover their hearts during the national anthem, making their representation ENTIRELY political and divisive along party lines, I think it is intellectually dishonest to blame a segment of the population who disagrees with them for not “appropriately” being supportive and standing in solidarity with people who over the past 7 years have used a national and international platform to espouse their political beliefs. If you are genuinely interested in seeing this issue from the perspective of the “reactionaries,” I would commend you to watch the series of analyses done by lawtuber @NateTheLawyer, who has done yeoman’s work on covering this issue in a series of videos ( in particular “CNN SHOCKED that Americans are HAPPY US Soccer Team Lost.”

  2. She's a true warrior and an angel 🙂 She's also a great example of how to be transparent. I battled depression for a long time. Therapy helped and a lot of reading and practicing mindfulness meditation, I used a small book called "30 Days to Reduce Depression" by Harper Daniels that was sweet. Depression is a long journey to go through sometimes. I was able to get out of that darkness, but it took time and a lot of hanging in there. I feel for anyone going through it right now.

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