3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Expected To Have Target On Back During Democratic Debate

  1. Bernie in his 20's: "I remember when Fidel Castro made the revolution in Cuba. It just seemed right and appropriate that poor people are rising up against ugly, rich people."

    First off, the Socialists leading the revolution that Bernie thought was appropriate led to the jailing, torture and wealth confiscation of untold numbers of Cubans and weren't poor.

    And Bernie has never said it was inappropriate for Castro to be a millionaire, and Castro was, a Socialist Millionaire. Bernie is also a Socialist Millionaire, complete with 3 houses worth together around $2 million and millions in the bank. But he and Castro are the good kinds of millionaires, not the ugly kind.

    Bernie didn't hold down a full-time job until he was almost 40, worked sporadically until then, and sponged off of others to help make a living. When a friend suggested he run for mayor, he ran and won and found new people to sponge off of – the taxpayers.

    Bernie and his ilk make promises to taxpayers of Medicare For All yet don't tell them the Washington Post, CNBC, and many others reported they will be kicked off their private insurance as they live off the back of the proletariat while attempting to make their Utopia.

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