11 thoughts on “Band-Aid Diversifying Color Palette, Adding Darker Skin Tones

  1. Seriously, how is making a dark colored band aid really advancing the cause of black people? We want legislation and policy changes , not a band aid (literally and figuratively) solution. Companies are throwing crumbs to distract us from the important issues. Anyone who celebrates this is silly and simple- minded.

  2. Really who gives a flying hoot what color the band aid is. Are they going to include a mini bottle of Hennessey in the "black" or "brown" packages? A band aid is a band aid and this is just pandering to "woke" individuals.

  3. They tried this 15 years ago and no one bought them.
    Currently I have wadded up paper towel and masking tape on my finger, because I cut it in the garage.

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